Putrajaya is a well-known planned city and the federal administrative center of Malaysia. It is widely popular as the most generated city of Malaysia. The intelligent population of this beautiful planned garden city and some interesting places to visit in Putrajaya is the main attraction for the visitors. The well-established transport system is a favorable aspect for the locals as well as the visitors.

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Putrajaya has a political background as once almost the entire Malaysian government was located here which later shifted to Kuala Lumpur because of the high density of population and tourist activities in this garden city. The local people are loaded with beauty and brains which attract, even more tourism. There are many interesting places in Putrajaya, which fascinate everyone who visits the city. Let’s discuss some of these places:

Places To Visit In Putrajaya

1. Cruise Tasik, Putrajaya

Cruise TasikCruise Tasik is one of the magnificent Putrajaya sightseeing destinations as it has a lovely dining lake cruise experience and the best way to see the magnificent beauty of this wonderful city. The Tasik is located on Putrajaya Lake in the heart of Putrajaya, close to Putra Mosque. It is one of the most important Putrajaya tourist attractions. One can hire private charters. Sightseeing tours are also available.

2. Marina Putrajaya

Marina PutrajayaOne of the best things to do in Putrajaya is to give pure relaxation to mind and body by visiting Marina Putrajaya which is open for public and members too. Of the things to do in Putrajaya, most can be enjoyed at Marina Putrajaya like water-skiing, wakeboarding, canoeing, kayaking, racing, and wall-climbing. The entry fees are different for every place like for large indoor swimming pool it is RM5 per session. The sessions start from 9 am and end at 9.45 pm with some gaps in between.

3. Taman Warisan Pertanian

Taman Warisan PertanianIt is an agriculture heritage park which is located in Putrajaya Preset 16. It is one of the excellent places for viewing tropical fruits, herbs, spices, etc and some other commercial crops. On my visit here, I visited some gift shops, snack shop and so on.

Based on my beautiful experience, I recommend this place in the places to visit in Putrajaya. The rice paddy field and rubber plants are good to see and the food is simply delicious. The time is 9 am-9 pm; entry fee is RM10 but enjoying different facilities like Agro bazaar will surely decrease the weight of anyone’s pocket.

4. Taman Wawasan

Taman Wawasan

This destination is not as well-known as some other places in Putrajaya. It is located near the lake in the heart of Putrajaya. When wondering what to do in Putrajaya, this is a good option. As you walk in the park, along pond full of colorful lotus plants and many other flowers comes which makes a beautiful sight. I did cycling here in the hilly areas which was an amazing experience. One can visit here from 9am-7pm.

There are many more places to visit in Putrajaya which includes Putra Mosque, Palace of Justice, Millennium Monuments, National Heroes Square, Taman Selatan, Putrajaya Botanical Gardens, Putra Square, Putra lake etc.

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