Northeast India, has magnificent states which are very rich in culture and heritage. Tripura, one of the states in Northeast India, is a beautiful hilly tourist spot which is a pure delight to the nature lovers. The word Tripura means near water in their local language.  When I visited Tripura, I visited almost all the places to visit in Tripura which is very unique from each other and eye catching. Bangladesh surrounds Tripura almost on all sides of the state, tourism in Tripura.

Places To Visit In Tripura

1. Agartala  In Tripura

Agartala, tourism in tripura

Agartala is one kind of location in Tripura which is bestowed by nature. This place has all evidence that depicts the various cultures followed by tribes and their unique customs. I enjoyed the Monuments, Beautiful palaces, Handicrafts and Temples in the location.

2. Dharmanagar In Tripura

Dharmanagar is the next biggest city of Tripura which has many tourist places of rich history. Some of the few places which I loved in Dharmanagar are Jampui Hills, Kalibari Temple, Aflong, and Roa wildlife sanctuary.

3. Udaipur In Tripura

Udaipur, tourism in tripura

Udaipur is located just 55 Kms from Agartala, and it is the third largest city in the state which is located on the bank of River Gomati. This city is called the Lake City, which has many lakes and a number of historic temples in the city. Some of the most enjoyed places of Udaipur are:

  • Tripura Sundari Temple,
  • Old Palace,
  • Bhubaveshwari temple,
  • Kalyan Sagar,
  • Tepania Eco-park,
  • Nazrul Granthagar,
  • Sephahijala Wildlife Sanctuary and
  • Gunabati group of temples.

Among these tourist spots, Tripura Sundari Temple stands as the must visit temples of Tripura.

4. Ambassa In Tripura

Ambassa is also a warm tourist place of Tripura, which has many scenic temples, Wildlife sanctuaries, lakes and many monuments. Some of my favourite tourist spots of Ambassa are Pilak, Chabimura, Ujjayanta Palace, Dumboor Lake, Rose Valley Park, Jagannath Temple, Neetmahal Palace, Longtharai Mandir, Kamaleshwari Mandir and Kamalasagar Kali Temple.

5. Teliamura In Tripura

Teliamura is a small town of Tripura state which has scenic views and breathtaking valleys. Tourists do not much explore Teliamura, but I really enjoyed the place as it is very nearby Agartala, and has good Tripura food served by the locals.

6. Melaghar In Tripura

Melaghar, tourism in tripura

Melaghar is a major town in Sipahijala district, which is 10 km from the Bangladesh border. I found many tourists, both from Bangladesh and Tripura states visiting the famous water palace, Neermahal which is located in the centre of Rudrasagar Lake.

7. Kailashahar In Tripura

Kailashahar, tourism in tripura

Kailashahar is a beautiful Panchayat town of an Unakoti district in Tripura state. This place is very calm, and I enjoyed many tourist spots like Lakhi Narayan Bari, Kalishashan Temple, Rangauti, and Choudoo Devotar temple.

There are many unexplored Places To Visit In Tripura, which is very silent and breathtaking. I really enjoyed the hospitality, Muya Awandru (the famous food of Tripura) and above all its free flowing nature scenes are memorable. Visit Tripura to feel the nature’s bliss.

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