If one needs to find peace and live in shadows of forests, then Nagaland is right for you. Nagaland is the easternmost state of India, where one visit will not be enough finding the wildest side of this state. The state is also beautiful in its ways, it is rich in terms of old beauty, rich in hills and valleys and share the borders with the Myanmar country. This state is also called as the ‘land of festivals.’ Here are the places to visit in Nagaland.

My first weeks involved camping, tourism in Nagaland, trying exotic foods, hiking visiting local markets and villages, and meeting different people. There are so many places in the state of Nagaland that are worth remembering and can set you chills. Let’s look at some of the things that you should definitely do or try if you are planning to visit this beautiful state.

Places to Visit In Nagaland:

1. War Cemetery In NagalandWar cemetery

This cemetery is a famous tourist place in Nagaland and was built in remembrance of those war heroes, when the capital of Nagaland, Kohima suffered huge fighting between the British and the Japanese soldiers during World War II. The story itself can set chills down your spine, and surely will make you feel patriotic. War cemetery is among the best places to visit in nagaland.

2. Dzouku Valley In Nagaland

This valley is at a height of 2,462m above sea level and the best place to go ‘trekking’. This is most ‘quintessential destinations’ and the most favored Nagaland Places to visit. If you love nature, then trek to this beautiful valley and capture its scenic beauty in your eyes forever.

3. Kachari Ruins- For Historical Place Lovers In Nagaland

If you love visiting historical places, then kachari ruins are must watch. These ruins are in Dimapur and are landmarks to 10th-century Kachari civilization. This heritage place will tell you a lot about its diverse culture.

4. The Kohima Museum In Nagaland

When you visit some place, don’t forget to visit Museum as they can tell you so much about any state or place. This Kohima Museum will tell you about its indigenous traditions and cultures of the Nagamse, showing artifacts and possessions to the ancient tribe called ‘Naga’ tribes.

5. Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary In Nagaland

Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary

If you love seeing animals, then this Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary is best for you. Animals like Tiger, Golden Langur, Black Stork, Hornbill etc can easily be spotted down in this sanctuary. This wildlife sanctuary is the home of several indigenous species.

Few other places to visit in Nagaland are:

  •        Diezephe Craft Village
  •        Dzukou Valley
  •        Tseminyu
  •        Dzüleke
  •        Mokukchung
  •        Mon
  •        Wokha
  •        Longkhum

6. Hornbill Festival In Nagaland

Hornbill festival

This festival is the most enjoyable festivals of the Nagaland and also known as ‘Festival of festivals’. It is a mixture of culture, music, Nagaland Folk Dance, the vast diversity of tasty cuisines. This festival is celebrated by Naga tribes with huge passion and happiness.

7. Nagaland Cuisines In Nagaland

Dried pork, Smoked Pork Stew, Nagaland Pork with dry Bamboo shoots, Bamboo steamed fish, Roasted intestines, Beans mix, Bitter Melon and Naga Ghost Chilli Sauce are the most famous food of the Nagaland, so don’t forget to try these if you love to try and eat exotic dishes.

If one loves to travel, then there is best places to visit In Nagaland. If you are in search of peace of mind and soul and love camping, then these lush hills of Nagaland are calling you.

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