The Nilgiri Hills are famous for their beautiful hill stations. Notable among them is Coonoor, situated at the head of the Hulikal ravine at an altitude of 1,800 m above sea height. Coonoor is renowned for its surrounding green area and a variety of wildflowers and birds. Coonoor provides a perfect setting for activities such as trekking and hiking. It is also widely known for its tea plantations and festivals. During the summers, this hill town is over-crowded with holidaymakers. Few of the Best places to visit in Coonoor are:

Places To Visit In Coonoor

1. Dolphin’s Nose Viewpoint In CoonoorDolphin's Nose

A huge rock, the Dolphin’s Nose is one of the best places to visit in Coonoor and is located at 1000 feet above sea level. The road to this popular viewpoint goes through hairpin turns and breathe stopping narrow roads. Once you reach the rock, you can see the jaw dropping views on both the sides of it that will surely give you an awesome thrill.

2. Sim Park In Coonoor

Sim Park Bounded by the wonderful contours of land over a hundred years, this incredible park was developed. The Rose Garden in the park will surely give you various reasons to smile.

3. Catherine Falls In Coonoor

Catherine Falls Catherine Falls is situated in the area that surrounds Coonoor. This beautiful waterfall falls from an impressive 250 feet height. It can clearly be seen from the top of the Dolphin’s Nose. It is said to be the Coonoor’s  place to visit.

4. Hidden Valley In Coonoor

Hidden Valley The Hidden Valley is in the region that also surrounds Coonoor. This valley is famous for being both impressive and beautiful. It is necessary to trek to this particular valley. The valley is incredible when you get there, but half of the excitement and enjoyment come from the trekking experience.

5. Droog Fort In Coonoor

Droog FortThe watchtower of the fort was once used to target enemies. Now, it serves as the ideal spot to witness the scenic beauty spread all around the Droog Fort.

6. St George Church In Coonoor

St. George’s Church is a work of art in the history of Coonoor. It was built by Colonel J.T.Boileau in 1826. A number of travelers from across the world come here to see the beauty of this magnificent Church.

7. Lamb’s Rock In Coonoor

The Lamb’s Rock is just 8 km outside Coonoor while on the way to Dolphin’s Nose. The place provides some fascinating views of the Coimbatore Plains and the Coonoor Hills.

8. Law’s Fall In Coonoor

About 7 km outside the town of Coonoor, Law’s fall is an amazing destination for a picnic and to be in the lap of nature. Situated on the Mettupalayam-Coonoor-Ooty route, the falls have a height of over 180 ft surrounded by thick natural forests. This is a lovely place to be for naturalists and children.

The south Indian city of Coonoor is easily accessible by air, road, and rail from the other major Indian cities and states. Tourist agents can arrange all types of transport for a comfortable journey in Coonoor and throughout the state of Tamil Nadu. In order to make the travel tour to Coonoor even more wonderful, you need to select just the right kind of accommodation for you and your family or friends in Coonoor.

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