Places To Visit In Ahmedabad, Gujarat is a state which is very well known for its hospitality. One of the largest city in Gujarat state is Ahmedabad. One of my friends who lives in Ahmedabad suggested to me about the places to visit in Ahmedabad and also the vast history behind it. I was very excited and the excitement never went wrong as it proved to be one of the loveliest tourist places in Gujarat state.

Being the sixth-largest city in India, Ahmedabad is a cradle of nonviolent movements for the country’s independence. There is good transport to tourist places in Ahmedabad. Here are my few most worthy choices of places to visit in Ahmedabad and also Places To Visit In Ahmedabad.

Places To Visit In Ahmedabad

1. Sabarmati Ashram In Ahmedabad

Sabarmati Ashram.It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad, which is very traditional and shows Mahatma Gandhi’s interest in handloom. Many of these small handloom centers are being encouraged there to make his interest worthy for people in the city.

2. Sidi Sayed Mosque In Ahmedabad

Sidi Sayed MosqueIt is one of the oldest mosques in the city which is always crowded and has the best architectural structures in it. The most intricate stone latticework and its ten windows are most astonishing to the tourists. Tourists consider Sidi Sayed mosque as picnic places near Ahmedabad as it takes around half a day to visit the mosque, Bhadra Fort, and Teen Darwaja all together which are very close to each other.

3. Bhadra Fort & Teen Darwaja In Ahmedabad

Bhadra Fort & Teen Darwaja.Bhadra Fort and Teen Darwaja are located very near to Sidi Sayed mosque and have many local markets in and around the place. Tourist flock to this place to do shopping at a cheaper price. Teen Darwaja is always an eye-catching sight for tourists who has never seen a huge door in life.

4. Akshardham Temple In Ahmedabad

Akshardham TempleThis temple is an architectural wonder which is dedicated to Hindu god Swaminarayan Prabhu. The pink stone marvel is the best place to near Ahmedabad.

5. Kankaria Lake In Ahmedabad

Kankaria LakeKankaria lake is a beautiful lake which is very famous for its beautiful music fountain and also the island garden called Nagina Wadi located in the centre of the lake. Kankaria Lake’s musical fountain makes it as most important places to visit Ahmedabad in the evening.

6. Thol Lake In Ahmedabad

Thol LakeIt is one of a fascinating places for bird lovers. Visit this place early morning to see many birds which migrate from different countries. And it is so charming to hear the chirps of the birds which makes the place very relaxing to tourists.

7. Spiritual Endeavors In Ahmedabad

Spiritual EndeavorsIf you are someone who is very spiritual then there are many traditional temples like Akshardham temple, Vaishnodevi temple, The Hathisingh Jain temple which is very famous in the city. There are many tourist places around Ahmedabad like Lothal, Nalsarovar bird sanctuary, which are most popular places to see near Ahmedabad.

8. Places To Visit Near Ahmedabad

Places To Visit Near AhmedabadThere are many tourist places around Ahmedabad like Gandhi Nagar, Kutch, Gir forest and much more.
Overall, there are many tourist places in Gujarat. But Ahmedabad is the most beautiful city where you get to experience the rich and traditional atmosphere and best food in the country.

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