Chatbots, a set of instructions with Artificial Intelligence (AI), is the best customer service tool for the business purpose. A chatbot is not only a fast-growing conversational interface but also a stimulator of better customer service for businesses.Twilio Global Study states that 66% people approach brands through messaging platforms. Businesses did not pay attention to users inquiries. However, to stay ahead in the competition businesses should improve user experience through Chatbots. According to the Business Times, a study states that 57% brands around the world have already started to use chatbots. A chatbot is a faster solution to the queries of customers.

How Will Chatbots Revolutionize 2018?

  1. Chatbots is the new way to monetize the mobile experience as mobile apps are losing importance.
  2. Business enterprises are building chatbots in order to increase brand visibility and to interact more with the target audience.
  3. 75% mobile users are using WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other messaging applications.
  4. AI and Machine Learning will create next level chatbots and will help people to interact in Natural Language and create more conversational interfaces through chatbots.

Businesses Will Need Chatbots In 2018: Why?


 – Makes Customer Service Smarter

Customers look for real support at any time. So, businesses needed to hire customer support agents who work 24×7. But due to the introduction of chatbots, two members for customer service are enough now for businesses. Chatbots will perform most of the duties. Chatbots will converse with the customer, will try to find a solution for them and will provide them with a convincing message.

 – Chatbot Is Like A Product

Promotion of chatbot is similar to the promotion of a product. Chatbot as a customer service strategy must be promoted on social media. The content marketing campaign also must give emphasis to chatbot explaining how it will improve customer service.

 – Chatbots Give To-The- Point Answers

Businesses need chatbots because chatbots increase customer’s experience and give concise, instant and relevant answers. Customers don’t want to be engaged in deep conversations. They want quick answers and specific notification. Chatbots will get right to the point.

 – Cost-effective Chatbots

To maintain an app related to customer service is expensive. Though a high-quality chatbot is not free, it is more cost-effective than an app. Customers don’t need to download it. Therefore, it is more convenient for use. For more beneficial chatbot service details get in touch with social media marketing expert.


 – Top 10 Trending Chatbots In 2018

  • PONCHO sends personalized weather and astrological forecasts
  • NADIA contacts with people at emotional level
  • Medical chatbot MELODY
  • Dating chatbot LARA
  • Homework related chatbot NERDY BOT
  • ENO chatbot which helps the money management
  • Heston Bot for cooking
  • TripAdvisor for traveler
  • Visabot for the immigrants
  • Statsbot helps to manage data for the companies



Chatbots, the fast-growing technology, are constantly getting better. Hope, more businesses will implement it successfully. Facebook, Skype, Telegram, and Microsoft are creating support framework for chatbots. Thus we may conclude that chatbots will revolutionize the business world and their interaction with their customers in 2018.

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