They say that the world is beautiful and full of charm. From one country to another, there is a special beauty in everything. But it is not possible for everyone to explore all the beautiful places in the world. If such is your case, you would probably get immensely surprised to know that Neonz Resort & Club, near Nadiad, Gujarat has a bit of taste derived from some of the major attractive destinations of the world.

Wondering what it is?
Well, recently I stayed for two days at the Neonz Resort which is also a lifestyle and recreation club. It is an exclusive resort that brings the culture and beauty of the world, blending it with style and concepts. So without further ado, let me share my lovely experience.

Living Like Royalty

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Out of the two days, I stayed one day at the Royal Villa. There are different kinds of Royal Villas that are based on different themes taken straight from countries such as America, Africa, Morocco, China, etc. I got to stay in the Moroccan styled Royal Villa named Bahia Palace. The whole villa’s decoration is inspired by Moroccan palaces that emit old-world charm.

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I was completely mesmerized by the amazing facilities that the Royal Villas have such as private dining experience, exclusive multi-cuisine kitchen, open-air private shower area, private poolside dining experience and lots more.

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On the second day, I stayed at the African styled Water Chalet named Nyumbani. And I have only one thing to say about it – dream-like.

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Conceptualized Dining Experience

Shamiyana is the royal fine dining restaurant that has some of the mind-blowing dishes to serve prepared by world-class chefs. Along with this, there are 14 gazebos, mocktail bar and a spacious lawn that can accommodate up to 3,000 guests.

If you are looking for a place to relax and indulge in mouthwatering snacks and drinks, Neonz Resort is the right place for it.
One of the best parts of this place is that guests can enjoy private dinner with a personalized gourmet menu.

Cinnamon is another private restaurant that gives ultimate privacy and solitude. I must say I had the most pleasing food experience at the Neonz Club.

Enjoyment With Sports Activities

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If you are like me who loves to utilize leisure time in sports activities, then you would definitely feel excited by coming to the Neonz Club. Guests can enjoy offbeat sports activities such as Foosball and Air Hockey, Miniature Golf, Horseshoe, Paintball. Apart from that, there are also table tennis, billiards, volleyball, paintball, basketball-playing zones, and the swimming pool.

Unmatched Entertainment Facilities

No matter what kind of a traveler you are, you will always find an exciting way to keep yourself entertained fully. Although I am not a game lover steel I had the pleasure to visit the gaming zone and see how perfect the place is for gamers. It is fully equipped with gaming consoles like Xbox, PS3, and Nintendo.

Crazy Wanderer Neonz Resort 11What I really enjoy is an outdoor walking trail experience. The walking trail setup was so beautiful. I had a great experience under the magic of open air.

For kids, there is a huge play Park with all the fun stuff for them. So you see there is something for everyone.

Indulge In Wellness And Fitness

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Since I am a fitness-freak the fitness center at the NEONZ club surpassed my expectations. From fully equipped gymnasium to sauna and whirlpool baths, one will feel absolutely energized and refreshed.

For great beauty treatments from head to toe, the unisex salon’s services that ranges from facials to pedicures will start soon.

For Meeting And Conferences

Neonz Club has a spacious conference room to arrange top class business deals and corporate meetings. It has theatre style sitting arrangement, all the necessary equipment, and a separate dining area.

For Large Parties

When guests are looking for a perfect setup with the blend of glamour and royalty, the huge open-air manicured lawn is the one and only destination. This place can accommodate up to 4000 people and has an open-air movie theatre.

Fantastic Wedding Venue

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For a destination wedding or theme-based wedding, this club offers a fully equipped wedding venue that is suitable for both small and large wedding ceremonies. There are also two bridal suites, photoshoot room, outdoor stage and lots more to wrap the occasion with class, elegance, and vibrancy. Wedding planners may also request for attractive landscaping. Apart from the Big Day ceremony, the venue is also perfect for various rituals and customs related to the wedding. They are providing a well-equipped kitchen setup for the caterers too.

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There is nothing that I did not like at the Neonz Club. In other words, it has impressed me to the highest level and I feel really grateful to have acquired amazing memories of this place.

For more details, Contact:
Neonz Lifestyle & Recreation Club
316 The Gravity, Opp. Amba Ashram, College Road
Nadiad 387 001 Gujarat, India
Phone Number : +91 2697 239444 / +91 90990 58189


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