Mysore is the second largest city in the state of Karnataka after Bangalore. Mysore is known as “The City of Palaces” for its palaces such as Mysore palace, Lalitha mahal,  Chamundeshwari temple and many other historical monuments. Mysore is well known for festivities held during the Dasara festival. The city is famous for its painting style, Ashtanga yoga, Mysore Pak (sweet dish), Mysore Peta (a traditional silk turban) and for the garment Mysore here are Mysore Tourist places. 

Mysore Tourist places




How To Rech Mysore

Delhi to Mysore

By Air: 1819 km – There is no direct flight between Delhi and Mysore. First, you have to take Go Air from Delhi to Bangalore and from there you can hire a taxi or you can go through public transport.

By Train: 2554 km – There is a direct railway line between Delhi and Mysore. You can catch Swarna Jayanthi from New Delhi to direct Mysore. It can cost you around 800 Rs.

By Bus: 2250 km – There is no direct bus service between Delhi and Mysore. First, you have to travel from New Delhi to Kolhapur. From Kolhapur, there is a direct bus service to Mysore.

Best Time To Visit Mysore

Post-November is the best time to visit Mysore. This time the weather is pleasant and cool. One more reason to visit this time is the famous Dussehra festival which is celebrated this time.



Typical Costs 

  • ACCOMMODATIONS: In Mysore, the peak yoga sessions runs from December to February. At this time it is little difficult to search for a room. If you are planning to join yoga sessions then visit a little bit earlier. The city offers a large variety of accommodations which suits everyone’s pocket.  Rents here can vary from few hundred to several thousand depending on the hotel or room.  If you are planning to stay here for at least a month then, you can rent a room from local residents, which is cheaper than hotel rooms.
  • FOOD: Apart from having costly food in the hotels and restaurants, you can try the famous Chat Street in Mysore. Chat Street is for the tourists who love to try out different foods without caring much. There are a lot of dishes you can try at Chat Street at a very reasonable rate.
  • TRANSPORTATION: Mysore has intercity and suburban public bus transportation. Auto-rickshaws and Taxis are available for reasonable price. You can have a Tonga (horse drawn carriage) ride but now they are becoming rare.




Mysore Tourist places

  1. Mysore palace
  2. Chamundi Hill
  3. Devaraja market
  4. Karanji lake
  5. Royal Mysore walks
  6. Lalitha mahal
  7. Mysore zoo
  8. Jaganmohan palace
  9. Kukkarahalli lake
  10. Krishna Raja Sagara



Excursions Near Mysore

  1. Srirangapatna – 18 km
  2. Ranganathittu bird sanctuary – 25 km
  3. Brindavan gardens – 15 km
  4. Somanathapura – 35 km
  5. Sravanabelagola – 80 km

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