People around me always ask how can you travel for so long? What about your routine responsibilities? How your husband is allowing you to travel solo? What you are getting from your travel?

As I am married, so my relatives think that I am running away from my responsibilities.

I’m not sure why, but there is this perception out there that anyone who travels alone to distance land and isn’t interested in family responsibilities or doing a settled job must be running away from something.

But, as per my opinion traveling is something everyone should do. But, a crazy wanderer like me doing a bit long sometimes. In addition, people assume that I am running away from my responsibilities.

And to all those people who say that, I want to say- You are absolutely right.

  • May be I am running away.
  • May be I’m running away from your idea of the life.
  • May be I am avoiding life.


But the fact is, I am running towards the world, new places, new people, new culture, crazy festivals, different food and my own freedom.

Life is too short, and we only get to live it once. I want to look back and say I did crazy things in my life, not say I spent my life in cooking, taking care of children, gossiping in kitties, fulfill other’s expectations. In short, I don’t want to become a typical housewife.


As an Indian, my perspective might be different from the others. In our country, we go to school, get a job or start a business, get married, have children, buy a house, face social responsibilities, In-law’s restrictions, more savings and buy a retirement plan. It’s like the matrix that keeps multiplying and multiplying.

If someone is doing something different than it’s weird. In fact, people always told me that they wished to travel destinations around the world. Even many of my supporters are jealous of my traveling extravaganza.


I believe getting married is a good experience and if your husband/wife allows you to enjoy independence then you are pretty lucky. If traveling is your interest then try to fulfill your dream or try to complete your desires in life.  

So, just break the mold of society’s rules and do something crazy for your dreams. And trust me, If you wish badly for anything, definitely you will get it. Life is what you make it out to be. You have to make your life as per your choice. Don’t make life full of burden. Make it as light as possible.


As per my opinion, people who travel are not running away from their responsibilities, but they want to break the mold and explore the world. They want to live their dreams. They want to feel the freedom more than just a word. I saw the other travelers that inspired me to live life crazily. Before one year I thought, “ Why not me too?”.  

I’m not running away from my responsibilities.
I am running towards the world and new cultures.
And I never plan to look back.

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Hey, this is Pankti, a zealous traveler and an enthusiastic entrepreneur who happens to love solo traveling and business is something that always triggers new life into me. Now my passion and interest have led to turn my profession, creating a business of my own- Crazy Wanderer that deals both in travel and lifestyle as well as digital marketing.


  1. Love this! good on you for living your dreams and not fulfilling societies expectations of you

    • Crazy Wanderer Reply

      Absolutely Rebecca,I love to cherish my dreams and not others. Thanks,xx.

  2. Manish Singh Reply

    That’s wonderful. To live your life is not at all a crazy idea. Yes you are lucky to do so….. wish you all the best.

  3. vishmit patel Reply

    Good one. as far as people concerned “kuch to log kahenge ” will fade out this mentality and traditional belief.

  4. Tania Mukherjee Reply

    What you are doing is pretty awesome, please never stop!

    • Crazy Wanderer Reply

      I never plan to look back..Thanks Tania..

  5. For an Indian girl who travels by herself. I’m impressed:) Never stop in what you are passionate about. Because life is about discovering new places!:D

  6. Good job… I am having same mentality. My friends and family also mention that I am a kind of person who never think about the future. But when I am thinking about this world people language culture I cant stay in one place to do a job.. We need money to survive. For that we can work but never under one.

    As an indian this kind of thoughts is entirely different than our traditional views but who cares ? … Even this values and thoughts made by people. So what we have to do is to live and enjoy our life. Keep smiling and spread the smile around you…

  7. Nitish Arora Reply

    Great you are living your dreams. Some people saw dreams but wont chase them . Because of so called responsibilities.
    Hats off to you. you are doing great. wish you all the best. Nothing better than travelling. keep going.
    My good wishes with you

  8. Cheers for writing this. I have more or less been listening to similar things. And the fact that I am the ‘husband’, the responsibility-gyan is a little more for me! But then again, you can’t stop everyone from saying what they want to (and they have their own reasons) so….!



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