Safety must always be the number one priority whenever you are riding a motorcycle. Proper riding techniques are essential, whether you are a started or you have been riding for more than a decade. These tips that we have mentioned can make your ride as safe as it is enjoyable. It’s a trial and error tips! So don’t forget to comment your experience with us!

1. Know Your BikeKnow Your Bike

Understanding about your bike is essential for even the most experienced rider! The time for finding out the bike’s control is before you ride down the highway. To start, read the owner’s manual, as it might offer you the most needed things to become acquainted with your Royal Enfield bike. This is one of the reasons why it is best not to hire somebody else’s motorcycle unless you are very specific with it. If you have recently bought a new bike, take some time to sit down and find all the controls that you need. If something is not within easy to reach for you, see whether it can be adjusted. Knowing where the important controls are, like as the horn button, turn signals, headlight dimmer switch, reserve fuel value, etc will mean you won’t have to search for them while riding.

2. Perform Safety CheckPerform safety check

To avoid unexpected shocks when riding, you must always consider checking for safety before you head out on the roads. Ensure the tires are in good condition and be sure that there aren’t any cuts or small punctures in the tire. You certainly don’t need to have a tire blow out or lose air suddenly while you are riding. You must also check for the tire pressure. Ensure all of your horn and lights are functional and adjust the mirrors if needed. A quick check of the bike’s controls must also be performed. All fluids must be at the right level and ensure the centre stand and side stand are working properly.  You must also check the brakes as you start off your ride.

3. Safety While BrakingSafety while braking

For safety’s sake, you must need to apply the front and rear brakes at the same time when you need to stop. Your motorcycle’s front brake might be responsible for over half of the vehicle’s braking power. Remember not to apply them so hard or suddenly that might end up locking up with the back or the front wheel. Locked wheels will impede your braking ability seriously and might cause the bike to skid.

4. Be Prepared Alwaysprepared always

It is also wise to have an owner’s manual and the toolkit with you! After all, you never know what will happen in the middle of nowhere. You must always keep an eye on other motorists and be vigilant in regard to noticing any changing road conditions. Remember to leave enough space between you and other vehicles and drive defensively every time. Stick to the speed limit, use the signals and don’t weave between lanes.  Be alert and conscious to enjoy the safe ride!

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