Mother’s day is a celebration of honouring all the mothers across the world. Every child praises their mothers for their unlimited love and care. Truly a mother’s love cannot be repaid. It’s a never-ending debt.

But I would like to illuminate all the mothers on one single fact. Do you think that motherhood means only sacrifices? Or specifically, does motherhood have to be a sacrificial procedure?

Children grow up and talks about how many sacrifices their mothers made for them. You will hardly see someone talking that their mother is an entrepreneur or a professor or an interior designer. How a mother left her dreams just to take care of her child.

If a woman starts believing that once you become a mother, you are bound to remain confined, there is no way you can establish yourself as a confident, independent person. I feel bad when people talk only about sacrifices. Why women flush off their dreams, passion in the first place? Because she has a baby? Motherhood is a wonderful experience. It is a time to cherish and love every moment and not feel claustrophobic thinking that your life is end.

Of course becoming a mother brings loads of responsibilities and a woman has to do things that were not present earlier. But there is a time when you feel that you should have done something in your life and not only wait out the whole life for your child to grow up.

Today A Woman Must Become A Super Mom

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There is no such thing as giving up on what you want to do or become. You can become a super mom. You just have to set separate time for all the priorities you have. That way you will find a time for your own. A woman is said to be a multi-talented person who can look after their family, do household chores and can even involve themselves in leisure activities. Then why not you can? All you need is to feel strong and confident from within. Stay fit, do yoga and meditation. Health is necessary to make a mother strong both mentally and physically. Eat well and pamper yourself when you can. The point is to feel good to be confident.

Take Example And Set Example

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The moment you feel low for not being able to achieve your ambition just because you are a  mother of a child, remember those women who had made a difference and set examples for others.

Do you know that JK Rowling, the most loved children’s author who gave birth to the super popular fictional character ‘Harry Potter’ had to live for years with government assistance because she was a single mother? Her book which we feel so proud of was rejected straight away from all the big publishing houses. She had to raise a child single-handedly when she was tremendously struggling to keep her life going. Yet, see where she is now.

Never, not even for a single time she JK Rowling gave up her dream. Her tough times only lifted her spirits to achieve what she believes in. And living without her husband and a baby did not stop her from chasing her dreams and fulfilling it.

You can set examples too and forget about others; you can set examples and motivate your own children. When your child grows up and talks that their mother is a talented dancer or a business professional, that will be the moment of your pride and not when they talk about only your sacrifices.

Be An Inspiration

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Today mothers need to be technologically sound and knowledgeable too. Before your child can inform you about any new things you need to learn it on your own and figure it out to help your child to understand. You must be the one to inspire your child. A mother after all, is the first and most important teacher. So your teachings, thoughts, ideas do count. A mother can always inspire a child to see the bigger picture. And for that a mother has to be well-informed about social, technological and other important aspects. This way you will be able to advise your son or daughter on their career and jobs in future. And your children do not have to find a career guidance.

Motherhood Should Make You Feel Proud, Not Lost

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Just because you have become a mother, your career is lost- this idea is a completely wrong. Motherhood is a blessing. So let it be an honour to your life. Do not feel that you cannot carry out your career now that you have a baby. Being a mother must not restrict your professional life. You can be a successful woman and reach your goal and motherhood should not be blamed if you do not succeed. You just have to remain focused and passionate on your work.

Shower The Love Of Mother Even When You Are Not One

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Women, who are not able to experience the feelings of motherhood for physical issues, tend to regret their entire life on conceiving a child. They can bestow their motherly love for not one but hundreds of children who are not gifted to have parent’s love. Even if you are not conceiving by choice, you can still feel what it means to be a mother. You can be a mother of wonderful sons and daughters who crave for your support and love. And most importantly, you need something strong to focus on other than depression. So when you get yourself involved in a profession which you love, you get to learn to live just for yourself.


Hold On To Your Passion

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Have you ever given a thought what would you do when your child grows up? You are living, sacrificing everything for your children. And when they grow up and start living their lives, you feel lonely. You cannot expect them to stay with you. And that’s the time when you realise that your decisions in the past would have changed your life. You have to remain independent and not relying upon your son or daughter. This is the reason you must stay on your profession, continue your career and focus on your ambition. At the end, you will feel you made the right choice.

It might sound disheartening, but there’s no denying that nowadays you cannot expect your children to look after you when you need their support. It could be job life or nature that makes modern children very detached from their parents. To be honest some might not behave the appropriate way with their parents. So, this is the time you should make yourself strong and confident enough to avoid facing such issues.

Because you of all people Do Not Deserve That!

I strongly think that a woman must be identified by who she is and not that the society points her as ‘Look she has two twins’ or ‘you know she was a photographer, but left everything after the first child’.

To all the mothers who still feel hopeless and stick to only sacrifices without living their dreams- the truth is nothing is end. Love your motherhood and cherish it proudly. And yes, fulfil your ambitions to set your own image.

Of course, these views are my and my alone. And I do not mean any disrespect to anyone for making their own choices.

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