Everyone should live their life the way they want. Even when someone is married, they need to express themselves freely and enjoy their life without feeling guilty. Now if you ask me how that is possible, I would say, “Come on now, it is just marriage, not a full stop to your life!”

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A few years back when I started enjoying solo traveling I used to get few common questions thrown at me by many.

  • How can you travel alone without your husband?
  • Does not your husband feel bad?
  • How can you do so much when you are married?

Well, to them I said, “My life is mine alone after all. I get to live it the way I feel like. Why should marriage stop me?”

This does not mean I am irresponsible on my family duties or uncaring towards my husband. It is more like giving space to each other and share each other’s feelings in a great way. We both have our own priorities, hobbies, interests in life. And we respect each other for that.  

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Actually, there is no such thing that you cannot go anywhere alone if you are tied up in a marriage. All you have to do is make yourself clear to your partner. Talk to them about your likes and wishes. Love only increases with sharing what’s in your heart. Also, have faith in your abilities that you can.

If you are still in a dilemma to do something out of the box being a married woman, try it now! Tomorrow will be too late. Go out alone for a shopping, buy a gift for your husband with your money, and find some way to involve yourself from the boredom of house. The best way to understand your limit is through self-realization. And what’s more interesting than a solo travel for self-realization? So, I believe that once in a while everyone should go out alone.


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Traveling solo means buying yourself a dinner, shouting out loud in your hotel room with music, roaming in a beautiful city and snap pictures as much as you like. You will realize the true essence of doing something alone and marriage is not going to restrict.

Marriage is a wonderful journey. So do not make it a drawback for your life. Live fully today and cherish those moments tomorrow. Never let marriage an excuse from doing what you want.

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