Malacca is a place which is a popular tourist destination in Malaysia for a number of reasons. First is because it is such a beautiful location, which unique flora as well as fauna, second is because people over here are kind, friendly as well as warm. However, above all this, tourists love coming here because the place is known for its great malacca food which is not merely presented well but also tastes so good. If you are a foodie then you should make it a point to taste all these food items which have been mentioned below. Once you taste these dishes you will want to keep coming back for more.

Malacca food

1. Chicken Rice Ball

Chicken Rice BallFor all chicken lovers out there this is a dish which you simply cannot afford to miss. A reason why this dish is so popular it is because it is healthy as well as tasty. Of all the things to do in Malacca tasting, this dish will certainly leave you wanting more. In this dish, the boiled rice is made into a tender ball and that is what gives this taste its unique look and texture. Apart from the delicious chicken broth, the chicken pieces served with this dish are equally tender and appealing as well. Based on popular opinion a restaurant named Chung Wah’s serves up the best Chicken Rice Ball.

2. Nasi Lemak

Nasi LemakThis is also another rice dish, which you should not miss out on in the course of your vacation. In terms of places of interest in Malacca and also malacca food, New Wang Food Court certainly serves up interesting food. The most appealing thing about this yummy dish is its wonderful and haunting aroma which instantly makes your mouth water. Apart from the lovely smell of the Pandan leaf, the coconut milk used to cook the rice, gives the dish a new dimension in terms of taste. This dish is both exotic, yet very comforting.

3. Nyonya Laksa

Nyonya LaksaThe item, Noodles is something which is much loved across the globe by children and adults alike. The Nyonya Laksa is a noodle dish which packs a huge punch in terms of flavor and spice. The broth or rather curry of this delicious dish is prepared with chicken as well as prawns and that is what makes this dish a popular one, especially among seafood lovers. This dish is always served hot and is garnished with a tasty yellowish red oil, which comes from the oils which the prawns give out in the course of the cooking process.

These are just a few of the many dishes which you can taste, during your stay here. In the course of planning about which places to go in Malacca, do make it a point to stop by at popular local food joints. Tasting this places food, will help you to understand its native culture better. Whether travelling alone or even with your family members, eating is something which you can always do. Do not forget to carry along your notebook to write down some recipes as well.

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