With each day passing by more number of users are becoming active in terms of Instagram Apps. Now the scenario has reached up to 700 million monthly. Thus the importance of Instagram algorithm has also increased. This algorithm works as a standard system that determines that users see the posts that are most likely increase engagement and people are talking about.


The Basis Of Instagram And Its Algorithm


The Basis Of Instagram And Its Algorithm

It is highly necessary to understand the basic knowledge on Instagram to get an idea on its algorithm. First of all, Instagram is a social media platform that has its unique way to attract audiences. It wants to display the most interesting and relevant contents so that you feel engaged and put more attention to it. This in turn increases the overall usage of this app as people will keep coming back for it. Grabbing attention is a major point. In other words this attention is then sold to the advertisers to make money.

Let’s see how the algorithm works.

The algorithm takes into account the delightful and interesting piece of content after evaluating the metrics of engagement. Let’s say you post something. The first step is Instagram shows it to a small group of audience to understand if it really is engaging. It also compares the post with your previous ones. After the proper comparison if your current post is found to be very much lucrative then it will be shown to a larger percentage of viewers. And the more number of shares and likes you get, the more popular your post becomes.


Maximising Marketing Tactics With Instagram


Maximising Marketing Tactics With Instagram

Visual Value And Content Value: Evaluation of a content is basically done based o0n how innovative and eye-catching it is. To increase the engagement of your posts you need to make sure that your posts have great photos along with creative content to attract audience. This will also make your posts high ranking in the algorithm. Take clear and good quality pictures to create an impression. Your posts should be unique than others, so that you can easily get more shares and likes.

Specify Yourself, Not A Brand: Instagram does not work like other social media platforms when it comes to marketing. So everytime you make a post, ask yourself, is that a brand advertisement or is the post only for marketing purpose? Well, if you have not given a thought to it then it is high time you do now. Instagram is all about provoking ideas, thoughts and interests through eye-catching content and pictures. Do you really believe that just a simple brand page posts will do everything for you? So stick to creating great content without making yourself like a salesman. The keyword is to put yourself into your audience’s shoes and see for yourself. Be innovative and more creative than being just a brand representative. Your posts must reflect something to let your audience get interested.

Learn And Improve To Succeed:

Test different types of content to better understand what type of content gives good audience value to you. This testing can be done weekly or monthly. Use your imaginative skills and think differently each time to come up with interesting contents. You will soon learn what type of contents is highly engaging. This way you can also improve and keep on getting more responses from audiences. If you are really looking for a strong ground in Instagram to grow, then this step is absolutely necessary.

Use Of Hashtags: Hashtags play a vital role in Instagram Marketing techniques. Every top brands are using hashtags to engage more people. This strategy is great for marketing campaigns as once you come to know which hashtags people are actively using you can use them to convert your posts into popular ones. Find posts with active hashtags with the help of Later’s Search and Repost feature and when you find them, like and comment there. Get knowledge on the list of frequently used hashtags and try to use them relevantly with your posts to increase visibility.

Use of CTA: This act of inviting or requesting your audience to comment on your post is very effective in increasing engagement. The more number of audiences will take your posts to higher ranks in the algorithm chart. In the captions you can easily put call-to-action words to ask your followers to comment.

The one thing that you must remember is that algorithm is a system that will keep on changing. It is better that you spend much time on instagram to better understand the nitty-gritty of it. Always keep measuring your metrics to understand the value of your posts. For more insight you can take help from excellent social media advertising agency and work with right approach and strategy that suits you.

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