It is rightly said by Coco Chanel that ‘Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.’

My visit to Bhutan was not a trend for luxury living, but the craving for immense comfort which I got at the Le Meridien, Paro. Being located at a scenic valley of Paro, surrounded by bountiful nature’s beauty, Le Meridien is just like a shining pearl. Once I entered the hotel, I was immediately whisked by the splendour of the hotel. From the main entrance to the lobby and all the way to my exquisite suite, I was feeling completely ‘wow’ and ecstatic. The hotel itself is a congregation of Bhutan architectural style, contemporary and chic decoration, state-of-the art facilities and beautifully appointed amenities.

Even if you are not much into roaming and exploring, this hotel will not bore you even for a second. There is so much to do and many ways to spend your time.

Reader’s Paradise

Le Meridian Paro 13

Le Meridian Paro 4

The mere elegance of the whole place is a pleasure to the eye. For instance, if you are in search for a peaceful reading nook, Le Meridien can give you all the aspects that you require for a perfect time with a great book on hand. A nature so serene, cool winds, hot cup of tea, snacks at your service, rooftop sitting arrangements or that little cosy sofa by the window side of the guest rooms- all are going to enhance your reading mood. Moreover, you won’t find any disturbances, no noise, except the occasional sound of wind and birds. It was really hard for me to get up from my reading nook at Le Meridien and go out.

Relaxing And Pampering

Le Meridian Paro 9

Le Meridian Paro 5

If you are on a relaxation tour for a few days then this hotel is going to be your best friend. It has a fully operational and well-equipped fitness centre and a spa centre that will pump up your lost spirit and rejuvenate you. I am always looking for hotels that offer great place for yoga, meditation, and other forms of workout. Le Meridien is undoubtedly, a jewel in this regard. Many people just want a time alone for themselves and indulge in personal care through rigorous fitness regime and spa therapies. If you are one of them, be sure to visit this amazing hotel. The spa has various therapeutic treatments and massages for extracting the lost vibes from within you.

A Romantic Haven

Le Meridian Paro 2

Le Meridian Paro 6

Discover a romantic time at the Le Meridien with your newly married wife. If you want to rekindle your love life, this place is the perfect love spot. This luxury escape provides complete privacy for couples. Living closest to nature your hearts can feel more warmth than ever. Two birds can finally find peace from the hustle bustle of the rushed cities. Indulge in the couple’s spa massage or have a delicious candle-light dinner- everything smells enviably unique and special.

Nurturing Taste Buds

Le Meridian Paro 3

Sometimes a tour is only because of experiencing food of different nation, the local flavours and spices. Bhutan cuisine is very famous in Asia, and being in Le Meridien I had the luck to enjoy all the exquisite cuisines of Bhutanese dishes as well as continental foods too. Once you are a part of this hotel, the chefs will somehow discover your taste and choice of cuisines. They make sure that each guest receives the best art of serving, the best quality of food, and the best of everything one can expect.

Sleep Like You Have Never Before

Le Meridian Paro 11

Le Meridian Paro 1

The sweetness in the air and the cosy guest rooms are very much responsible to induce sound sleep. The night felt heavenly relaxed, dreamy. The soft, comfortable bed and the spacious homely atmosphere are something that will calm your senses.

The Spiritualism In The Air

Le Meridian Paro 8

Bhutan is the land where the spiritual effect of Buddhism blows. The peace is evident in the existence of air, nature, animals and people. The cumulative effect of warmth, happiness and serenity make this place an ideal destination for any type of travellers. Le Meridien accentuate this haven more with its richness.

Le Meridian Paro 7

Le Meridian Paro 10

Heavenly experiences create stories for a lifetime. And Le Meridien in Paro is that alluring zone where everything else fades away into the mist of love, laughter and luxury.

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