Kedah the beautiful state in the northwest of Malaysia is a place where you want to come again. It is also called the Abode of Peace and Rice Bowl of Malaysia and also places to visit in Kedah; Langkawi is the jewel of Kedah. You can easily plan a trip to this amazing, beautiful place without any problems as Langkawi house international airport just a few kilometers from the Kedah and domestic airport in Alor Setar. The boat ride and public transportation are also convenient enough in the city for you to go from one place to another.

Beautiful Place in Kedah

Beautiful Place in KedahKedah is a mesmerizing place to visit as and has some great spot for visitors who plan their trip to this beautiful place in Malaysia. Kedah has various islands, legends, chronicled relics, slope stations and picturesque waterfalls and places to visit in Kedah. The unbelievable and well-known island Langkawi has been quite recently off Kedah‘s western shore. It has Bujang Valley, where confirmation of the presence of an early civilization going back to the sixth century was found with other archeological disclosures. Also, its unlimited paddy fields traverse over the setting of moving slopes which give quietness and amazing perspectives.


LangkawiLangkawi is a dream place for those who love nature and the beauty that surrounds the nature in abundance. Langkawi has around 99 islands and around 30 kilometers from the east coast of Malaysia, which was a secret from the world till the tourist promotions start and get the tax-free status. The beauty of these 99 islands is something that will bewitch you and left you in awe of its beauty.

Places to Visit in Kedah

The Kedah has many things to offer you, which starts from Alor Setar Tower, Bujang Valley, Kilim River Cruise and Dayang Bunting Lake. The Kilim Nature Park is a beautifully organized park in around 100 square kilometers and has a marine ecosystem, flora and fauna and many inhabitants. You will see many water inhabitants on your cruise and you can hand feed some of marine life. Similarly, Dayang Bunting Lake is also a beautiful site with many legendary stories stuck with it and some of the stories will leave you amazed.

You can easily make a trip to Langkawi from the Kedah on your stay and experience some of the greatest pleasure this beautiful place brings to you. Also, you get to enjoy mouth watering, lip smacking food which includes the largest variety of seafood in Kedah and Langkawi. You can plan a trip to Kedah all year long as the climate of the city stay moderate throughout the year, but it is advisable to make advance booking and arrangements as this destination is popular around the world for its beauty.

Kedah is popular for its beauty and nature surrounding it in the most mesmerizing manner. The Kedah and Langkawi is a beautiful combination of places which will give you experiences of life and make you want to visit again. Its beauty is the specialty of this place as the place is effortlessly mesmerizing with a historical backdrop.

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