I am a frequent flyer, being a solo traveler. On my return to India from Bhutan, I booked a first-class seat with Drukair. From Paro International Airlines, the flight was ready to take off through the most complicated airway passage. Only eight pilots throughout the world are qualified to fly aircraft through this jagged mountain way due to the Great Himalaya.

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Once I got settled on my place, I got confident. Through my window, I could see the beautiful snow-capped mountains and even the Mt. Everest. Although it is said to be one of the scariest airports in the world, I would say that Drukair has given me immensely pleasurable flight experience. From superb scenery to excellent behaviors of the cabin crew, I felt truly relaxed and at ease.

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The food quality was exotic and fresh. After I got welcomed on board, I had the pleasure of enjoying my meal pack consisting of rice, curry, red lentil curry, yogurt, chocolate cake, mango juice and pasta. A sumptuous meal and very tasty.

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My seating area was spacious, comfortable and offer a nice view of the outside. There was a power socket near my place that helped me to charge my gadgets.

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If you are visiting Bhutan from Delhi or flying back from Paro, I would highly recommend Drukair- The Royal Bhutan Airlines for memorable journey experience. Getting on board the flight was an experience of a lifetime. For my upcoming Bhutan travel, I will only use Drukair because I am concerned about my safety, security, and comfort that this flight service provides. It is very nice to get received by warm and friendly in-flight staffs, served with the great meal and have a relaxed journey with the superb view of gorgeous mountains.

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