The Indonesian archipelago is made up of more than seventeen thousand islands scattered across three thousand miles of Ocean between Asia and Australia. Bluewater laps at sightless white beaches and volcanic mountains spread on the Misty Rainforest rise out of the sea.  Traveling to Indonesia is totally unforgettable and it’s a land with water, which island you prefer to visit, so don’t worry about seeing everything – the land is too big to check out everything in just one visit. Some famous islands for Indonesia travel are Java, Sumatra, Komodo, and Bali, of course. As an Adventure Island or a luxury vacation, you definitely can’t beat Indonesia, which does have some of the best spa hotels next to the best surf in the world.So Here are We Provide Indonesia Travel Guide. 

Indonesia Travel Guide

The Highlights of Indonesia Places to Visit
Other Destinations Tropical Island
Volcanoes Things to do
How long to go for The cost
The right time to visit Money Saving Tips
Things to watch out for

Not to miss in Indonesia

  • Visit Komodo National Park to see the dragons
  • Hike one of most active dormant volcanoes in Indonesia like Gunung Agung and Gunung Bromo is Bali
  • Go Bukit Lawang on Sumatra to orangutan sanctuary
  • Go surfing
  • Taste fresh coffee by touring to the coffee plantations
  • Check out Yogyakarta to spot Borobudur and Prambanan Temples.

While you are in the Southeast Asia the common rule is to follow the travelers to find the best places to stay in Indo you do well following the foot of surfers and scuba divers. These are travel addicts who have for years caught creaking trains, planes and crowded ferries and of course rust buses to get the most classy, remote places searching for the right tube or to glance a rare sea life species.

The Highlight Of Indonesia

Unlike other countries, we also cover Indonesia’s highlights, the islands. We think that the island is best viewed as the group of the island rather than individual destinations within, but we will some of the individuals one too…. Down the page!

1. Bali

Enigmatic Bali is one of the jewels of Indonesian Tourism. The Hindu enclave includes a long history and captured foreigners from artists and writers in the 19th century and in the 20th century the surfers came in, well, pretty much all from the budget – friendly backpackers through a well – heeled luxury travelers from around the universe visit Bali.

2. Yogyakarta

An ancient and surrounded with antiques, steeped in deep tradition and culture, Yogyakarta is the heart of Java and it pumps the innovative, youthful spirit. Enveloped in folklore and myth, this fascinating and vibrant center is sure to seize your imagination.

3. Flores

Flores which means “Flowers” is derived from the Portuguese name and while it is not specifically known for its flora, it’s any way an excellent place. If you have time, then it must be on your itinerary.

4. Sumbawa

A dwelling to the Volcano that transformed the world, Sumbawa includes wilderness, world – class surf and some great beaches and islands.

5. Sumba

Forgotten, bygone and avoided. Rested near the edge of the Indo archipelago at the bottom edge, Sumba is the 3rd island in the series that extends Bali’s East and its just seven hundred km’s from Australia. This place includes the rich culture of the ancients and fabulous landscapes.

Places To Visit In Indonesia

1. Ubud

Bali’s cultural heart! Allures tourists from all around the world to its art galleries, traditional dances, luxurious retreats and luxury restaurants. There is also traffic and plenty of traffic!

2. Gili Trawangan

One of the largest islands that are situated in Lombok’s northwest coast, Gili T  attracts the craziest peeps who love partying. This might not be for all but we love it!

3. Komodo National Park

Founded in 1980, this national park was a terrestrial set up originally to save the Komodo dragon, but it then expanded. Now it includes a large terrestrial and marine national park with more than two thousand sq km.

4 Seminyak

Located in the North of Legian with full of pleasures to its south, it’s an upmarket vibe and a great spot to check out!

5. Bukit Lawang

You will have to travel three hours to reach this place. Situated on the edge of Gunung Leuser National Park.

Other Destinations In Indonesia

1. Munduk

Considered as old Bali and a great village to check out the island’s generations. It also includes a good selection of homestays and guesthouses.

2. Nusa Lembongan

Includes a bunch of good places to stay, and very friendly locals make the place more comfy and lazy for a few days.

3. Togean Islands

It’s difficult to reach and a well – known island. Located in the Southeast region of Tomini Sea and famous for diving.

4. Amed

It’s a fishing village which includes 15 kms along the dry and located on the northeastern coast of Bali.

5. Ketambe

Not famous as Bukit Lawang, but offers a far more natural exposure and leaves you behind some of the flashiness which has crawled into its more famous neighbor over a past few decades.

6. Tropical Island

You will never strive to choose when it comes to the island in Indo, Nusa Penida, Gili Layar, Gili Air, Karimunjawa and Pulau Weh are a few to name.

7. Volcanoes

Indonesia’s top Volcanoes are Bromo, Agung, Rinjani, Tambora and Kawah Ijen. I recommend you to check out Bromo, one famous spot that many love to visit. The views are breathtaking and include an astonishing scene.

Things To Do In Indonesia

1. Learn To Dive

Indonesia provides arguably the best diving and there you can’t get enough of places to learn or dive. Top three destinations for diving are Togean Island, Flores, and Bali.

2. Cooking Classes And Food Walks

Taking a cooking course in Bali or Hotel Tugu is a great way to learn something about the Indo fare and they are just a few cooking offerings on one island.

3. Surfing

When you are in Indonesia, you must not come out without learning surfing. It’s the first thing to consider.  Check out Kuta in Lombok and Lakey and Malik in Sumbawa.

How Long To Go For

You must be realistic, as we are talking about the nation with 17,000 islands. Just put, I might suggest a reasonable timeline travel from Weh to Kupang with a few side trips here and these might need a minimum of 6 months.

2 weeks must be your starting point for any of the main islands and while that is more than enough for you to break off some of the popular attractions at a comfy pace, a month is better to spread.  Spend a month in Sumatra, Bali, Lombok, and Sumbawa and of course in Flores too.

Trying to cover almost many territories in a little time will not work in Indo. If you have very limited time say 2 weeks make sensible use of the flight and be choosy about where to go. Ubud, Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Gili T are perfect for two weeks considering you are rushing the longest legs – I will never advise trying to fit in more.

If you are willing to stay long and it pays for you to familiarize yourself with the County’s Visa rules. They might change occasionally and some are made compulsory without proper principle, complication what must be a simple technique.

The Cost

Outside of Bali, Indonesia is a great and affordable country for budget travelers. It’s comfortable and simple in accommodation, devouring street food, not consuming too much alcohol, traveling with cheap transport and visiting the popular destinations can get by around $30/day.

By regional standards, in Indo alcohol is costly, so if you wish to four or five sundowners rather than one, you will need to include that in the budget. Most solo travelers tend to spend more time. That hotel with a pool, air – con and WiFi, occasional VIP bus are tempting. All these collaborate to hike daily budgets up to around $40/day.

If your tastes steer more towards the expensive one, then your accommodation might cost more than $200, especially in Bali.

The Right Time To Visit

Dry season – April to November
Summer – July and August

Money Saving Tips

1. Eat On The Street

If you wish to save up, then we recommend you to taste the local food. Street food offers, noodles, snacks, and soups.

2. Bargain Hard

Bargain hard, nothing is ever at face value

Things To Watch Out For

While terrorism gets to the top, possibly the top dangers that are facing visitors traveling to Indo today are the accident that happened while riding a scooter with the usage of helmet or being poisoned by fake liquor. Both are easily addressed. So remember to use a helmet when riding a motorcycle. And prefer beer when boozing at affordable beach bars. If you choose tonic or gin of the same price of the beer, then you must be aware of fake booze that kills Indonesians and visitors every year. And stay away from magic mushrooms.

Keep Exploring. Much Love, xoxo

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