It was just another weekend of December. The weather was chilly. I was desperately seeking to hang out at some fabulous and exhilarating place. Someone in my circle of friends told me about a beautiful resort close by.  It was the Boulevard9 Resort and Spa. I was super excited to hear about it and geared myself up for the trip.

Boulevard 9 - Luxury Resort & Spa
A Trip to Boulevard 9 – Heavenly Resort in Nadiad




Boulevard9 Resort and Spa is situated in a small city known as Nadiad in Gujarat. It is less than an hour’s drive from Ahmadabad and Vadodara. I could comfortably drive my way to Nadiad from Vadodara in around 45 minutes. I was greeted a warm welcome at the entrance and the reception and made to feel so special.

2. Long Course Swimming Pool




As I looked around I saw a huge Olympic size swimming pool that was as placid and blue as a calm sea. It’s surrounded by palm trees and there is a lush green lawn encircling it. You would also see large and comfortable relax chairs, where you could relax and sun yourself. I was so thrilled to be in the pool, surrounded by so much of greenery and beauty of Mother Nature. Indeed, I felt so refreshed and relaxed like never before.

3. Accommodation




The resort complex was optimally illuminated with varied shades and patterns of lighting. The accommodation offered was world-class with options for cottages and duplex cottages, suite and elegant rooms. The rooms were spacious and well-furnished offering all the comforts and luxury one would get at 5-star hotels. I chose to stay in a suit, were my room was so luxurious and comfortable with all the latest furnishings and equipments. I was really on cloud nine!

4. Yummy Food






There are some really yummy options for satisfying your taste buds.  From Indian cuisines to continental dishes to international cuisines you can get a host of options for all your meals. There is a 24-hour dining restaurant, and a yet another romantic and cozy corner, where you would get grills, BBQs and sizzlers with soft music being played around. A multipurpose dining area near the fountain is also made available, where mock tails, savories and light snacks are served. Besides, a sport café at the activity area is also there, where you can get refreshments like light snacks, mock tails, soft drinks, while playing indoor games like snooker, table tennis, American Football or Play Station. I had a mouth-watering time trying out different dishes and delicacies out there!

5. Fitness Center & Spa





They also have a state-of-the-art fitness centre with all the hi-tech facilities like treadmill, elliptical, weights, steam rooms, physiotherapists and dieticians to counsel you. If you wish to rejuvenate yourself, there is a holistic spa that offers massage treatments for all your wellness needs. The therapies are both Indian as well international. I felt so rejuvenated after spending some time at the fitness centre and taking a session of steam bath!

6. Sightseeing




If you love to visit new places and are interested in sight-seeing there are some attractive tourists spots around like ancient forts, temples, wild life sanctuary, the famous desert of Kachch and even ashram. You can ride your way to these places and get the thrill of some adventure and fun, if you are a group of bikers.

  • Ashrams: The closest is Hariom Ashram and Shri Atmasiddhishastra Rachnabhoomi Aashram, both about 5 kilometers from Nadiad. It is ideal for those seeking solace, solitude and spiritual upliftment.
  • Temples: If you are a follower of Swaminarayan sect or wish to know about it you can visit Vadtal Dham (Temple) about an hour’s drive from Nadiad (14 kilometes). If you are a worshipper of Lord Shiva, you can visit the beautiful Shiva temple at Dakor, about 35 kilometers from the resort.
  • Historical Places: Forts and monuments at Champaner and Pavagadh are an hour and 45 minutes drive (90 kilometers) from Nadiad.
  • Desert: About a 100 kilometers away (2 hours drive) is the Rann of Kachch. Unlike the Sandy Thar desert of Rajasthan, it consists of salt flats that are engulfed by grasslands and thorns.

7. Perfect for loners and groups






While I went alone, had a perfect me-time, but I’m sure you guys will enjoy every bit of your stay as a couple, family or for team-building as a corporate staff. Not only are there boardrooms, but also lush green lawns and ballrooms for parties, weddings and corporate get-togethers. For bikers also there are plenty of places around to explore. It’s worth spending a weekend at least at this paradise!


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