The thing that costs the most in any trip is the “Accommodation”. The first time when I traveled, I spent a lot on my stays. From there I realized mere an accommodation can cost you quite a heavy amount. So, I learned from my mistakes and found some ways for how to get cheap accommodation.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of options for all the travelers out there to opt for certain accommodations that won’t cost them that much! FYI: these options are much cheaper than those costly Hotel accommodation”.

Get a free stay with “Couchsurfing”

Get a free stay with “Couchsurfing”

The idea is a fun in itself; think about living in a local’s house for free. Somewhere it sounds risky but actually, it is not. “Couchsurfing” is a website that helps the travelers to get cheap accommodation. It actually has some specified people registered in it with an authentic profile. Basically, these locals who are offering you their houses are travelers themselves, so they do know the adversities one face when it comes to accommodation.

Wanna go back to college days? Hostels will be the cool option!

Wanna go back to college days? Hostels will be the cool option!For a safe, secure and cheap accommodation; the hostel is all that you. A number of cities around the globe have the facilities of a hostel with best amenities. In hostel larger the room cheaper is the cost. You have to share the room with some other travelers but don’t worry they won’t harm you at all, as both of you are traveling the same boat. In few bucks, you can enjoy WiFi and have a shared kitchen for cooking facilities.

Let’s flip our houses!

Another best option to save your money from spending on an expensive hotel accommodation is to get it exchanged with people who want to travel your city. If you are worried about the security of your house, then keep in mind that the other party is also handling their house to your hands. For more information, Google Home Exchange and find people who are interested in exchanging their homes.

Want to have a short term rental?

On some of the websites like “Wimdu”, “Airbnb” and “Roomorama”; you can rent a place to reside while traveling. These rooms are well furnished and are one of the safest and cheaper options of all. These rooms are rented on weekly basis and may cost you a bit more than hostel stay. Here you can get a kitchen which is definitely going to save a lot of bucks which you may spend on your food.

What about a religious stay?

If you want to stay more grounded, a monastery is apt for you. A monastery is one of the unique ways to make your cheap stay. Here you get only a bed, chair and simple food prepared by monks. The monasteries are also quite peaceful and will definitely help you to get a budget accommodation.

These were some of the options through which you can save yourself from spending on those expensive hotel accommodations. So, if you are thinking about How to get a cheap accommodation?” Do give these options a chance!

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