There are just some places in the world that make you fall more in love with your significant other. These beautiful holiday destinations not only make you fall in love with the person you are with but also with the place itself. Every couple is different, individualistic. Here are some of the best holidays for couples you can take with your significant other.

1. Paris


Almost synonymous with the word “Paris”, is the “City of Love”. Paris, with its beautiful bridges where lovers from all across the world come to meet, to their little café’s perfect for punctuating hand in hand walks with your partner is the perfect place for couple travel. For singles as well, worry not, as this city brings out the most beautiful side of people. You might just find your significant other sitting across you in a café in Paris.

2. Napa Valley

Napa Valley

Famously known for their perfect mix of wineries, romantic sightings and restaurants and of course, mouth-watering cuisines, Napa Valley, USA is one of the best vacations for couples with its numerous things to do for couples and places to see.

3. Barbados


Another great couple trip ideas remind me of Barbados. This stunning Caribbean location is the perfect place to fall in love under the bright sunlight and clear blue beach waters.

4. Rome


For couples who simply love to dwell in old age architecture, amazing Italian cuisines and bask in the glory of the culture and tradition of Italy, Rome is the ideal holiday for couples. The sheer beauty and majestic views of the city is sure to make any couple feel closer than ever.

5. Granada


Beautiful, narrow roads, picturesque scenery everywhere you look, mouth-watering Spanish cuisines and the sights of other couples in love; Granada, Spain is an amazing couple travel destination for you and your significant other.

6. Venice


What comes to mind when you hear the word Venice? For me, it’s romantic Gondola rides, watching the beautiful city around you while enjoying a superb glass of wine in the place where it is being made, Venice, Italy, is an ideal couple vacation idea to simply fall in love all over again.

7. Ibiza


Although Ibiza is widely known around the world for its ultimate party culture, it’s idealistic setting and aura for young couples in groups to holiday in. It can also be a quiet, quick getaway for single couples who wish to simply enjoy a little time under the sun. The aura around Ibiza is simply unmatched and is a must for every travel couple at least once in their lives.  

8. Honolulu


Hawaii is hands down one of the most romantic couple trips to take. A simple stroll along the sandy beaches is enough to stir up the romance between any couple.

9. Las Vegas

 Las Vegas

There is always that one couple destination for the extravagant lovers in you. Las Vegas is a place where you can simply test your luck at gambling, watch live shows, enjoy candlelit dinners or simply treat yourselves at luxurious spas.

Every couple deserves a couple trip at least once in their lifetimes. What better places to spice up the budding romances than the ones mentioned here? If you find any, do comment below.


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