When I met Emmely over one year ago in Karnataka (India) for one volunteer project, I didn’t know that our friendship will turn into a happening one. I didn’t know I had found someone who shared my dream and vision for living an unconventional life and exploring the world. I didn’t know I had met the person who would restore my faith in the good heartedness of people. I didn’t know much of anything, really, since I couldn’t understand a word through Emmely’s Swedish accent.

Hi Emmely,

Living in India I can’t bake a fancy cake or order you a giant balloon bouquet (What? I’ve always wanted to do that) or buy you the things you’ve been wanting, but I can dedicate this post to you.

I love that you arrive in new places without having googled a single image or cracking open a single guidebook, and simply stay open to every adventure.

Today on your special day I want to say Thank you for all your motivation to stay long on the road.

Since today is her birthday, I thought it would fit to share 7 things I have learned from her, during our travels in India, to show other people that there’s nothing better than sharing your emotions, observations, and fears with your best friends.

1. Impossible Is Nothing

Emmely keeps telling me that if I really want to do something, I can do it. Nobody and nothing can stop me. Thanks to that, I started feeling more confident and believing in myself.


2. You Can Do Any Job You Want In Your Life

Emmely is a very flexible girl when it comes to changing her job or work preferences. She is a teacher by profession but she is always ready to take challenges of different work. She quickly adjusts to work and living environment. She taught me that I don’t necessarily need to stick to one job, I can do other things I always wanted to do and develop myself in various fields. Look at me now… I am a blogger and yoga teacher now!


3. Money Is Never A Problem Even If You Have $400 In The Pocket And Want To Travel The World

When she runs out of money after her constant traveling and crazy shopping, she never panics. She says,“Not to worry, I’ll figure it out”- She starts working and planning for her next travel. She is the only person I met who took a loan to fulfill her travel dream. She is the inspiration behind my travels.


4. If You Can Count, Count On Yourself

I’ve learned that people sometimes fail to help you, actually quite a lot. It’s very disappointing but it teaches a lot. Emmely didn’t get much support from anyone to get to where she is now and strongly believes that the only one person you should rely on is yourself.


5. Never Make Plans

Emmely says that she doesn’t like to make plans because she doesn’t want to make God laugh. Things change in life and making plans is silly. Why bother? It’s better to live the life than plan it.


6. Traveling With A Companion Is Awesome

I am traveling solo most of the time, but I never felt as happy as I have been traveling with her. Adventures with a companion are by far the most enjoyable!


7. Shopping Gives Pleasure

Her eyes keep searching for trendy, smart, fashionable, cultural things in the market. Even while she is on a non- purchasing mode, she is having a gala time indulging in some window shopping and checking out the latest trends that match her own set parameters of style! She gets a sense of satisfaction and feels up-to-date with the fashion. It doesn’t matter whether she buys something or not, but at least she knows what is in fashion and adds it to her wish list.


Wish you all the best, more adventures on the road, more stamps on your passport and more places crossed out on your bucket list!

I truly can’t wait for new adventures with you!

“Jag sänder dig massor av lycka och miljon tals kyssar på din födelsedag.”


Hey, this is Pankti, a zealous traveler and an enthusiastic entrepreneur who happens to love solo traveling and business is something that always triggers new life into me. Now my passion and interest have led to turn my profession, creating a business of my own- Crazy Wanderer that deals both in travel and lifestyle as well as digital marketing.

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