It depends on! There is no size that suits all answer! The best way to travel totally depends on various things, but there are a few key factors to consider! I have made up this post, based on my experience! So, this might suit you or not, it depends on your preference.

  • Reasons For Group Or Solo Traveling
  • Are you willing to go solo or with friends or family?
  • The duration of the trip For Group Or Solo Travel
  • Your personality
  • The location

Reasons For Group Or Solo TravelingReasons For Group Or Solo Travel

Willing to take a long break finally, after a stressful job of 60 hours per week?  Then you must be willing to spend your break cramming your brain with loads of new information. This can be in the form of new ways to function, a new language, new food or finding out a new public transit system every other day. In such case, you might be far better off going somewhere you are a bit familiar with or traveling with a group. You will get to chill out in a group. The company guide will take care of the scams, logistics, bargaining, taxi rides, bus tickets, and restaurants. You are just there to make your minds clear and not to play Indiana Jones.

Are You Willing To Go Solo Or With Friends Or Family?
Are you going solo or in groups

Going solo will never stop you from meeting new people on the road. While traveling, you will meet plenty of people, but they are not always going your way. You might meet new people who are just awesome but going to a different place… the city you just came from. That’s a kind of a drag. Unless you are lucky enough to meet the right traveling partner, you will have to get used to short term friendships. If you wish to stay with the same people for the time period of the trip, develop better, longer-lasting relationships and begin growing inside jokes and all that fun stuff, group travel is always a great option.

The Duration Of The Trip For Group Or Solo TravelThe duration of the trip

If you are leaving for a very short time period like one or two weeks. It might be better to go with a tour as they have many years of experience in making the perfect itineraries. You might go solo imagining to see this and that during your week and find out that the bus only leaves every other day to that location. The group travel business knows this well. And they plan for it in advance, enabling the chance to see all they said would see.

The PersonalityThe personality

If you are a very stressed out individual, dislike being out of your element, but don’t wish to change and still want to see beautiful places, going solo might give you a great stressful experience. You don’t want to come back home with great pressure and anger! So, the group tour option might be the best for you! If you are a jovial one who doesn’t care to look stupid in public, think that getting scammed or lost is part of love and life the growth you will get out of bad experiences, prefer solo.

The LocationThe location

If you are willing to go to hard to reach places where you either need a car or a truck to get to. Going solo is pretty much out of the question.

So take this into consideration when dreaming about your next trip.

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  1. Group travelling is the best.
    I like to travel at different places. After reading this i will plan my weekend for sure.
    Thanks for the blog.


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