Being in any of the Gili Island is a real unique experience considering the geography of the islands. It is just twenty minutes away from Lombok. An interesting fact is that no motorized vehicles are allowed on any of the three islands. Gili Meno has a very little population and fresh water has to be imported every day. It is definitely a place to dunk in the tropical atmosphere, especially with excellent beaches all around, friendly locals and also the laid – back setting that you can spot all around. There are plenty of wonderful spots to soak and relax! So, Here are we provide Gili Island Travel Guide.

I was surprised with a number of crowds gathering every day. This guide will help you with that. So get ready to get that tan, relax and have fun!

Gili Island Travel Guide

When to visit The cost involved
Food Transportation
Activities The Daily Budget
Top Attractions of Gili Other things to do On the Island
Money saving tips


About the Island

Gili Island is situated on the northwest tip of Lombok, Indonesia. Includes three small islands Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, Gili Meno. To get to the island the only means is the boat. The island is a luring place with sandy beaches and preserved pristine coral reefs and cool coconut plantation. One best relaxing spot to spend your vacations will always be Indonesia.   

When To Visit Gili Island

  • Gilli’s peak season starts from August  and December 20th to Jan 9th
  • The high season starts from September 1st to 15th, which is Easter and Chinese New Year
  • The low seasons start from 9t June to 30th and September 16th to December 2nd
  • Rainy Season starts from November till April.

I prefer to visit Bali and Gili during February through May, as you can spot those after rain green lush sceneries and mostly nice weather!

Where To Stay In Gili Island

If you are partying type of person, then I suggest you get a place on the west coast. It’s a great place to hungover in a piece and a very calm place! Though you will find budget friendly accommodation on the east side.

Le Pirate Beach Club ( is like a little piece of the Caribbean on Gili. I love the white beach huts with blue trim, pool, hammocks, palm trees and much more. You can go for the cheaper option at 850 IDR/ night with bunk beds. Of course, like any other place, the prices might spend on the season. I never stayed at Le Pirate Beach Club but heard it from other travel colleague friends.

If you feel Le Pirate is expensive then go for the cheaper ones like the Blue Moon Homestay. Nothing much fancy, but they can provide bright and clean rooms where you can sleep pleasantly. The stay is situated on the east side of the Gili Islands. You will get a private bathroom with a fan and free wifi for 250 IDR

Small Enjoyments In Gili

  • You can rent a bike to explore the islands. Make sure to not just to keep it to the main roads, venture into the palm trees and check out the hidden spot.  Biking around the perimeter will take you about 1.5 hours.
  • You can go for hiking on the southern end of the Island. There you will have the most breathtaking view of the other Gili Islands.
  • Gili is all about lounging at the beach and frisking in the water. You can spot beach clubs along the coast of all 3 islands, so your toughest task will be to pick one. You can taste the fresh tender coconut and send a paddle board and have fun.
  • Even though the island is small, you can go shopping here! They are small yet great boutiques and vintage store here.
  • For married couples, one best spot in Gili is the Hotel Ombak Sunset. It’s the most Instagrammed place with a swing in the water.
  • I don’t encourage surfing in Gillis as the places are very limited, but you can still catch a decent swell on the coast of Gili T and Air.

The Cost Involved


There are a bunch of cheap hotels and guesthouses on the Gili Island, with prices ranging from 150,000 IDR in non – season. With other facilities like private bathroom, with double- bed and air conditioner, you will have expected the pay range of 300,000 IDR.  Airbnb is available throughout the island with house share starting from 130,000 IDR per night. For a whole cottage or an apartment, you must be ready to offer at least 400,000 IDR per night and it can be as high as 2,000,000 IDR.


Meals are available from 30,000 to 75,000 IDR. If you prefer to have a mid – range meal then it might cost you around 75,000 IDR while the combo of seafood dinner will be around 135,000 IDR without drinks.  One beer can cost you around 30,000 IDR while a week’s groceries can cost from 275,000 to 400,000 IDR.


Like mentioned, you can’t witness any vehicle in Gili Island, so no other way than walking! A hopping boat can take you to the island for 25,000 IDR per ticket. Enjoy the landscape and explore by foot!  You can also rent bikes for 20,000 IDR per day.


Activities like the pony cart ride will cost you around 27,000 IDR and fun diving might cost you around 500,000 IDR (Charges depend if you have discounts and bring your own equipment). Bike rental and snorkel rentals might cost you around 15,000 IDR for a day. Most of the activities on the Island is totally ocean and beach based!

The Daily Budget

I recommend you to spend 400,000 IDR (If you are staying in a hotel and eating in a low – priced restaurant, shrinking your drinking and making use of a local transportation. But it would be great if you could spend much lesser than this.

Top Attractions Of Gili

Scuba Diving

Don’t miss out Scuba Diving or Snorkeling when you are at the Gili Islands. If you are willing to hire a local travel agency then you must be ready to pay 200,000 to 600,000 IDR. The best thing in this is that even when you snorkel,  the boats will take you to the middle of the sea where you can actually check out the amazing coral and marine life.


Gili Island is great for water sports lovers! They don’t have jet skis. But they do have para – sailing, wake boarding etc.  Those willing to surf can also surf. A good spot would be the southern end of the Gili Island. You can rent surfboards.

Deep Sea Fishing

This activity is also one main reason why people prefer to spend their vacation in Gili Island. They do have packages where you can stay on board for days and will take you for good fishing spots around the island. The blue and black marlins are a true prize to aim for.

Bike The Island

The island is not small and it can take the time to visit each one by bike! Pack some beach gear and snacks to spend your afternoons! You can rent bikes for 135,000 IDR/hour.

The Beautiful life

Other than beach activities you can also relax and enjoy the tropical setting. One place is “Beautiful life”. With huge televisions and six hits with DVD players. You can also enjoy a live band at night.


If you admire the underwater beauty, then Padangbai is just the place for you. The village is well known for snorkeling and its boundless and easily accessible underwater aquarium.

Other Things To Do On The Island!

Island Shopping

The public boats will leave two times each day to the other 2 islands. The charges vary from 20,000 to 23,000 IDR (One way). You can buy tickets from the harbor.


There are also Yoga courses offered at the Gili Island. You can pick up packages to your preference! Whole retreats are provided, too.

Getting A Tattoo

You can get a tattoo here as well. There is a tiny tattoo parlor on the way to the Marketplace who follow the traditional method.With a bamboo!

Turtle Sanctuary

In order to protect the sea turtle from other wild animals. The eggs are collected and incubated at the Boling’s turtle sanctuary. They are then raised and then released after eight months into the beach.

Massages And Fish Pedicures

If you are looking for a Balinese massage for a change there are ample of them on the island. Check out for spas and massage parlors. Or how about a fish pedicure, countless small fish nibbling your feet?

Bird Park

Check our Gili Meno Bird Park to spot plenty of birds including, peacocks, eagles, parrots and much more. Well, it’s definitely not a highlight, but maybe a nice activity for a chance.

Money Saving Tips

Bike Rental

Rent a bike for not more than 35,000 IDR/Hour and it is an excellent way to get around and check the island as much as you can.

Street Stalls

You can spot plenty of affordable food stalls at around 13,000 to 21,0000 IDR. You get the same food here what you get at high – end restaurants. You can witness the real culture here!

Try To Bargain Hard

In Indonesia, people do charge seeing the face! So bargain as much as possible.

Thanks to my all time favorite blogger, nomadic matt to make my travel easy to Gili Island

Keep Exploring. Much Love, xoxo

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