My journey as a “Crazy Wanderer” began 8 months ago. I was on the trail to Rishikesh, My First Solo Trip To Rishikesh. a city tagged as a hub for Yoga and meditation courses in India. I was in Rishikesh to attend a Yoga course. I have always believed that Yoga brings spirituality and helps to develop strong inner physique.

My First Solo Trip To Rishikesh

I was so exhausted as I reached Rishikesh. All I could do to rejuvenate my lost energy was sleeping like a log for 5 hours. Before I fell asleep, I kept gazing at the ceiling and several questions popped in my mind. Somehow, I cleared the clouds of doubt and went to my cute dreamworld. As soon as I woke up, I felt to go back home. Actually, I have been pampered like a princess by my sweet Gujju family, so I was fearing from the world outside. It was a new place for me, new faces and the world that I have never witnessed. Rishikesh is My first solo trip.

Rishikesh seemed quite energetic, I could imagine foreigners enjoying the warm sand and chilled water of the Ganges. But, I needed the confidence to step outside of my room. I wondered how can I just sit alone in a restaurant and feed my empty stomach.

Somehow, I gained confidence and stepped out. I reached a popular restaurant “Chotiwala Rishikesh” and consumed lip smacking Indian Thali. After my tummy got some relief, I still grabbed some snacks and quickly headed to my room. You must be thinking this girl seems so shy, but you can imagine how difficult it is for a girl to come alone in unknown streets of North India. That night, I just munched snacks, talked to my family for long and finally felt asleep. Really, it’s unforgettable My First Solo Trip To Rishikesh.

Had yummy food @Chotiwala Restaurant

I realized that I have to break the shackles holding me from exploring the beautiful world outside. I boasted myself to go out. There was nothing I could do without a friend. I made myself my best friend and forgot all trauma hindering me to discover the scenic beauty of Rishikesh. My First Solo Trip To Rishikesh.

Once I was out on the streets of Rishikesh, I found myself confident. The people who gazed at me with a blank face, I smiled at them and It was all cool. The tourists and localities now seemed friendly.

I started being more friendly. It was uncomfortable at first, but I did it. I made an effort to talk to people and introduce myself. I would like to thank my classmates, who taught me how to mix with people. I learned to give smile to strangers and initiate the conversation. Slowly, I started to see a different side of me. I was loving meeting new people, learning new things. Moreover, I found a new enthusiasm for life. And by doing this, I realized how restricted and limited my life had been back home.

Morning yoga class

I stayed for six weeks in Rishikesh. The girl who could hardly mix with the outer world, she was now enjoying Rishikesh as She was the queen of the city.

By the end of six weeks, I felt completely at home in Rishikesh. I remember sitting on the ghats of Ganges, trying to talk with travelers, observing the people and spending a bright sunny day in doing meditation. I was trying to understand the different culture, which was not only spiritual but taught about many phases of life. My First Solo Trip To Rishikesh.

Reading @ghat of Ganges

Rishikesh introduced me to several mythological and ancient temples, which were the main source of studying the Hindu religion and culture. The morning chants sung by devotees at the temples rejuvenated my senses. I can still feel the warmth of the sand near the holy Ganga beaches in Rishikesh. Even I am not a complete sports freak, but I enjoyed water sports, river rafting, and trekking nearby mountains.

Read Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta 1st time

Remembering me in Rishikesh, I come across thoughts, How I use to look out the window and thought about all the things I’d learned, how different I felt and how much I’d changed in such a short time. Just six weeks earlier I was a frightened kid, who was too scared to leave the room to eat. Your Crazy Wanderer entered Rishikesh to learn Yoga, I did learn Yoga, but the city gifted me with lots of memories.

I gained confidence and I see myself chatting in a new language with people who were complete strangers. The localities from villages of Kumaon and Garhwal taught me their language. Today, I am not that perfect, but I know how to conversate in a broken Kumaoni. I made a whole new network of friends from all around the world. I still remember the young German girl, who inspired me to travel without fear.

Finally, when the time came to board the train, I was crushed to leave, but I was so thankful for the inspiration that Rishikesh blessed me. Just one short trip introduced me to so many positive changes in my life, ultimately leading me to the journey that I’m on today. I will definitely plan to come back to Rishikesh one day. I miss Rishikesh!

I advise all young generation to step out of their fancy world and sense the freedom of living on your own, traveling without any support and encouraging their inner-self to explore new adventures.  

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Hey, this is Pankti, a zealous traveler and an enthusiastic entrepreneur who happens to love solo traveling and business is something that always triggers new life into me. Now my passion and interest have led to turn my profession, creating a business of my own- Crazy Wanderer that deals both in travel and lifestyle as well as digital marketing.


  1. Navdeep Singh Reply

    nice blog… you shud also try to visit dharmalaya institute at Bir (Himachal). its amazing…

    • Crazy Wanderer Reply

      Thanks a lot Navdeep..Sure I will go to Bir.

  2. Tania Mukherjee Reply

    Nothing matches the charm of traveling alone, making friends in a land where no-one knows who you are! Great post!

    • Crazy Wanderer Reply

      Absolutely true Tania..Thanks a lot..Stay connected for more crazy stories.

  3. Nice traveling through and its lots of fun and u meet lots of people thats what i do is travel too Africa ,London uk ,America ,Alaska,Portland Oregon ,Easton PA. York PA .

    • Crazy Wanderer Reply

      Thanks a lot Yogesh..Keep Travelling and keep sharing your thoughts on travel.

  4. Anything Rishikesh excites me and reading your blog, I felt like being there myself as I used to many years back. I still travel to Rishikesh at least once a month to get back my sanity lost somewhere in the noise of silent boardrooms


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