It is truly said that ‘Health is wealth` And to make this saying true in all sense and purpose Sanda Retreats has brought its signature wellness property named- The Beach House Goa.
Needless to say, I was craving for a quality time somewhere away from regular work and stress. So show The Beach House Goa on the quiet and lovely Sernabatim Beach.

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Why This Resort Is Uniquely Charming?
The Beach House Goa is a wellness-centre and lifestyle-focused resort that offers holistic services and therapeutic facilities to its clients.

The entire resort premises has a beautiful combination of traditional Goan ambience, decor as well as modern technology to cater necessary health, body and mind well being services. Clients can stay in a rustic, natural environment where they get the comforts and luxuries to make their stay absolutely stress free.

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Crazy Wanderer Beach House Goa 16Ideal Location

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Crazy Wanderer Beach House Goa 12This property is very conveniently located and clients from both North and South Goa can access it. Since the property is located closely to the Madgaon railway station railway station and Dabolim international airport.

My De-stressing Time

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Crazy Wanderer Beach House Goa 20The entire property has 15 elegantly decorated rooms that spread the natural vibe and luxury. I had taken the Stress Buster Retreat package for me. For some time I was feeling stressed out and loaded. Therefore, I knew I had to find a way to let my stress goes away. And this Wellness treatment center in Goa is just the perfect place for that. From food habits to sleep and everything related to better health, this treatment package gave me great results. It revamped my energy, boosted myself and detoxified my body from within.

This was an-inclusive package where clients get to live, eat, do yoga and much more. My package included daily yoga sessions, meditation sessions, health supplements, pranayam, relaxing baths, and art therapy.

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Crazy Wanderer Beach House Goa The additional perks I got were superb that made me feel pampered and loved. There was a welcome drink and meal on arrival. I accessed the in-house library of books and DVDs on Health, Lifestyle and Wellness. I also got a personalised diary.

Food Health

Crazy Wanderer Beach House Goa 3 Crazy Wanderer Beach House Goa 13One of the best parts of this property and the treatment programs is that clients get to eat a vegan diet. One can also customize their food menu depending upon how they want. One can get absolutely gluten free and dairy free dishes too. There’s no scene of anything non vegetarian dishes and it is great for people who are pure vegetarians.

Retreat services for every need

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Crazy Wanderer Beach House Goa 4 Crazy Wanderer Beach House Goa 5No matter how diverse your requirements are what specific service you want, Beach House Goa has something special for you. The array of services includes three sub categories such as the wellness detox retreat, lifestyle detox retreat and relaxation detox retreat. The experienced and certified yoga instructor, medical staff, ayurvedic doctors and dietitians take care of the clients. So one can only expect absolute blissful experience.

Yoga for renewed lifestyle

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Crazy Wanderer Beach House Goa 1Being a yoga lover myself and a yoga practitioner by heart, I found this place a superb zone where you can freely let go of the worries and stress and embrace the magic of yoga. Even if someone is not good with yoga, the sessions included in the packages will help them to learn and improve the yoga skills.
Other interesting activities are:

  • Goa tour
  • Aura photography
  • Dance movement therapy
  • Hampi, Badami and Murudeshwar tour
  • Physiotherapy
  • Tibetan singing bowl meditation
  • Chiropractic therapy
  • Dental treatments and vision care

Crazy Wanderer Beach House Goa 9 Crazy Wanderer Beach House Goa 10Crazy Wanderer Beach House Goa 2Who says life only feels good if you are in a dazzling city for vacation? Everyone needs to figure out what the body and mind need. The quietness and serenity can truly make life feel out of the controlled world, chaos and stress. And that’s exactly what I achieved in the Beach House Goa.

For more details, Contact:
The Beach House Goa
Sernabatim Beach, Goa, India,  403708
Mobile Number : +91 7888098633
Landline: +91 832 2886777

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