Don’t let others decide for you!
People keep asking me:

  • Are you going to travel on your own?
  •  Aren’t you afraid?

These two questions are very common here in India, perhaps everywhere people can face the same especially for solo travelers like me. In fact, traveling solo is not that dangerous as it might seem and it doesn’t always mean that you will be on your own.

These days, more and more women are traveling by themselves. Some travel for passion and some don’t have any other choice. It might be argued that solo traveling is much easier. It is you who make decisions where to go and what to do; your preferences are only depended on your imagination. You decide your own pathways and your own emotions.

Where to start?


Where to start

Beginnings are really bad. Most women are scared of entering and exploring new ground. The pressure about places they have never been before to before may leave them in a frozen state. To overcome that, they have to replace the fear of the unknown with curiosity. Then it gets only better. Once you have got the tickets you can stop the excuses, there is no way out!

The most important thing you have to do before going on a single holiday is to do a complete research on your chosen resort and country.

Can a solo female traveler cope alone?

Can a solo female traveler cope alone

Despite the rumor, traveling is not harder, for women than it has been for men. To the contrary indeed, in traditional societies, local people are asked to look after solo female travelers. They welcome women to their houses, guide them out and they show their love and care. In my research, I found out what women are actually more likely to stay in a private accommodation with the locals rather than just sleep in the hotel!

What if you feel lonely?

What if you feel lonely

As mentioned previously, traveling on your own doesn’t mean that you are alone. Yet again alone doesn’t mean lonely!

There are interesting people around us and for solo travelers, it is much easier to make new relationships than for some traveling in a group of people. An easy way to kick-start the conversation is asking for the direction of a place to stay overnight. Also, you get chances to meet new solo travelers too, who look forward to the same. These are very comfortable relationships if you don’t wish to be in touch with them anymore, just leave them and start your journey.

The hard side of traveling solo

The hard side of traveling solo

Solo traveling is always fun though it’s not easy, always. Therefore, you must have to be a very strong individual who is confident and not scared to face the issues that might occur while abroad and on your own.

Organize everything yourself. There is no one to look after you. As I mentioned, locals are there for you to help, but sometimes there is a language barrier…. Though don’t forget that are in a modern world and globalization touched already most of the spots. It is actually hard not to find a place with a telephone or an internet. Even in some Asian villages, where people don’t have a sewer, electricity or running water, you can find them on their mobile phones!

There are plenty of details that you find online and we recommend you to do some basic research as much as possible before booking for a solo traveler.

Considering the safety

For solo travelers that worry the most is the safety during the trip. As any other traveler, you will have to be well prepared and know a little bit about the particular country you need to travel.

What if your family and friends don’t approve?

I Agree,  your loved one might worry about you. It might be understandable if one or a few were not much supportive, but they do this as they adore you more and this is the fact behind they are not accepting you.

I was a bit skeptical to express my desire to travel for almost a year. I felt like it is starting to eat my thoughts slowly as I was a bit hard to handle it without knowing what other might think, which means a lot to me and the society we live in. It turns out I might have told them from the start, as they were very supportive in the beginning.

I’m shy kinda person

I was an awkward and a shy kinda person, but I’m utterly happy to say I’m a solo traveler and has helped in that. When I started to travel I decided to leave it apart and join the groups who were sitting like me alone! They eagerly welcome me and it gave a shot that making friends on the road is really fun!

Most people have some sort of element of shyness to overcome. Even if you think you are awkward and shy, you will learn to lose it over time as travelers are friendly. Often, you will not even have to be the one to begin the conversation. Many of us are solo travelers, and for this reason are typically very easy to meet and are open to conversations with new people. Traveling is a great way to get over hesitation, even if taking small steps.

What if I get bored

What if I get bored

If you are traveling you might experience very little boredom. Even a long bus journey might be stimulating as of random things such as stopping for a snack or a watching a street performance from time to time.

You will never be bored for adventure if you are really trying hard to be out there, experiencing new things like going to new places, tasting the food and taking local transport. In fact, you might plan in days, specifically meant for lounging inside as because you have had plenty of fun that might need a break.

Is it safe for solo travelers?

Yes, when you plan it according to traveling solo can be safe. As a solo woman traveler, I must be aware of some issues and concerns, but the same should be followed in anywhere in the world. Keep yourself reminded, follow the cultural norms and always be cautious. Each day, thousands of solo women travel the world themselves.

Am I brave enough?

Yes, to me, I consider both men and women are equal then why should you back yourself? Ease into your tour so that you can get used to the new surroundings before losing them from the pack or start with your friends first. Plenty of people who do that eventually start to travel solo once they know how much freedom it will offer them.

People are easily adaptable. You can do it. At least trust from your side.

Being homesick

Being homesick

I know, homesickness is something that you can’t avoid, and you will have down days on the road like your home. Traveling solo is not a magic potion that solves anything. That does not exist. There is nothing wrong with going home, but all gets a bit homesick. You can talk with them over a phone call or just have a Skype calls with your family and friends. Today you can share them on the social media so that you can be connected to ease the homesickness.

Though, do not forget why you are traveling solo in the first place. You want to discover places, try new things and meet new people. It was meant to be new and far away. Being homesick is just a small bump in the road. Remember, you will reach home soon and everything will be started more or less.

What if I quit my travel in the middle due to homesickness and money run out?

It all depends on planning, if you plan wiser, then you can never run out of money. This is how solo travelers across the globe do. Check out my “Travel planning budget” and “How to pack” these posts can give you an insight on how to plan your travel.

When you get used to it, you can be relaxed and keep moving ahead.  According to me, You will become an experienced with just two or three trips.

Lastly, if you do come home earlier than estimated, at least made it out there and go taste of how the traveling lifestyle can be. You can then start again if you wish to,  or until you feel confident enough to do it on your own.

Making a huge life change is almost scary, but it might also be great as of the new beginnings that await you. Traveling solo is one of the most exciting gifts we can offer ourselves in life. Solo female travel is not something to be scared of. Do not let fear hold you back from your traveling dreams.

I also experienced the above-mentioned fears when I decided to travel solo and take my dreams further. I missed my husband so bad and that did not stop me. I reach home after weeks of traveling solo and one warm hug from him is a great relief and he is a big supportive barrier for me!

My reasons to travel solo

My reasons to travel solo

For me personally, I prefer to travel solo myself, but it all boils down the type of trip you are taking and what you plan on doing… also, there are times where a couple or group travel is inescapable and is of course still going be excellent experience… all travel is.  These times might be a team getaways, like as corporate, weddings and clearly for a honeymoon or a romantic getaway where I will assume that you might not to travel solo.

Maybe you don’t have a right companion or perhaps you did not know anyone else you wanted to travel with you. But you know with all you heard you want to go, have to go. Are the people who said no going to stop your travel? If, so, why? It safety concern, is it the unknown? Those questions may be on your mind, but why not think this way… doesn’t it make it more alluring? Wouldn’t you feel more skilled if you did it by yourself?

So I have decided to do a post on why I travel solo and my reasons are;

  • To avoid others drama
  • Drama is often inescapable as all people including me had some sort of drama in their lives. Though, in my experience.
  • You can be who you want to be
  • A bonus to traveling solo as well is that you get a chance to meet along the way and you can be the person you always wanted to be or at least be able to talk differently with others. I totally trust you to meet a lot more people when traveling solo as you have more need to talk to others and you will get a chance to meet more like-minded people to you as there is no much difference in ideas of what you do.

Bonus to traveling solo

  • This is the main reason why solo travelers prefer to be independent. And my goal when packing Is that I can be there in the world and do it all myself.  “Escapism” is my kinda thing sometimes with work and the same routine life and you will also have to escape from the daily grind and get some “ME” time.

Traveling solo is not for all and isn’t for all, but if you are after a satisfying holiday and experiences then there is nothing like traveling solo. You will not just meet more like-minded people, get to be who you want, can get lots of freedom and a sense of fulfillment as well avoid an indifference of ideas, living in close quarters and omit anyone else’s drama while you enjoy what and who you want to be.

This is why I travel solo! Share me your comments and thoughts! It helps me a lot!

Keep Exploring, Much Love, xx

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