With the onset of the year 2018, Facebook has seen many changes in its routine algorithms. This, in turn, created a dramatic effect on the advertisers and diminished the reach of brand exposure much. Publishers and advertisers are now more focused on putting effort and penny to make sure people find them on Facebook platform. Thus this changed scenario resulted in the exposure of meaningful and relevant interactions that people find interesting and are mostly discussed among users.As Mark Zuckerberg announces that 2018 will see algorithm changes that will prioritize longer videos and series, few interesting features come into the scene.


Videos Will Include Features To Show Episodes Of Four To Five Minutes Or Longer

  1. Videos will include features to show episodes of four to five minutes or longer.
  2. More number of videos will be shown as more people seek out to watch videos from the same publisher.
  3. Priority of the Discover tab will increase as people watch more videos and new episodes.
  4. Longer videos of three minutes or more can include ads and these ads can only start after the first minute.
  5. Testing of pre-rolls in Watch will start focusing on six-second ads.


Therefore, one can understand that why Facebook algorithm changes is quite a buzz around now. With more number of people using Facebook, priorities will be given to the news from friends and family and somewhat negligence towards the public content, news and marketers. The fact is nowadays Facebook is generally marked by the number of posts people make or the likes and shares to determine the online exposure. Thus it is only reasonable to highlight the top interactions and interesting conversations in news feed. So the inevitable question remains. What happens to the advertisers and marketers?

Quite frankly, these significant changes in the algorithm chart will impact greatly on pages, advertisements and marketers. Reaching out to perfect audience and creating brand awareness will become difficult. Although one cannot say it as a disadvantage, it is also a big change and one will need much effort to highlight the importance of relevant ads and pages. Effective campaigns are going to be more focused addressing to the right audience. This in turn has paved a different dimension for various social media advertising companies.

In a nutshell, we can only wait and see how things go for marketers and advertisers in Facebook platform. Content that generates high rate of conversation and sparks more interest will turn the business tremendously. So, higher quality engagement from users will rule the news feed.

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