Whenever I travel, I share my experience with the world via online to let the people know which amazing things are waiting for them to explore. According to FunSherpa, 87% travelers are planning their trips for upcoming vacation using the internet and reading travel news, reviews online. It proves that how much social media platforms are important for travel marketing companies. I am going to share with you some excellent social media marketing tips that Travel Industry should follow.

Classify Your Customers Into Different Categories And Understand Your Customers

Your customers can be classified into different categories which include honeymoon traveler, religious traveler, lonely traveler, family holidays, backpackers, wildlife travelers, short escapes, exotic destinations, luxury freak, cultural freaks, photo tours etc. After classifying customers, try to understand them in order to put a marketing strategy in place. Their demographic information, the factors, which motivate the customers to travel, their frustration-all are important to travel marketing companies. Then choose social platforms and next, build communities.


Give Attention To Your Website

Your website must rank well in search engines as well as must be user-friendly. Your website is the main weapon of your marketing strategy. You must keep in mind few basic things while developing your website.

  • Mobile devices play an important role at the time of developing your website.
  • If you set up Google Analytics, it will tell you about user behavior.
  • Simple website design helps to find information easily.
  • If you use user-testing, it will tell you about the expectations and frustration of website users.
  • Your website must contain the bulk of information.
  • Keep your website updated with relevant and fresh content so that your site ranks well in search engines.


Importance Of Content At The Right Place

It is important to post travel content at the right place so that it can reach to the relevant audience. Here you can take help of Facebook Advertising Dashboard. Facebook Advertising Dashboard reveals some categories of the population. For example-

  • 3,00,000 people in India planning honeymoon holidays, surprise holidays, exotic destinations in next 30 days.
  • 9, 60,000 people in India are cultural freaks, lonely travelers, backpackers.
  • 8,00,000 people in India are interested in short escapes, exotic travels etc.
  • 2,00,000 parents having kids of 0-3 years prefer short escapes, family holidays.
  • 3,00,000 parents having kids of 10-15 years prefer family holidays
  • 1,00,000 people are business travelers
  • 40,000 people are foreign visitors.

Thus your niche-based content must reach the relevant audience. For more details you can consult with social media marketing services to better understand the insight.


The Importance Of Third-Party Reference

Before traveling, people prefer to read reviews and hear social stories. You should encourage your customers to share their travel experiences on your travel site. Thus, third party reference will help your travel site rank well. You may give incentives also to your customers for sharing their experiences.


Content Marketing Vs Community

Invest more in content marketing than in developing social media communities. You may use platforms like Blogs, Slideshare and Youtube. Your blog might be the platform for all social media activities. Invest in blog posts.


Be Good Listeners

We all know a good listener is a good learner. Social media is a platform to discuss needs, problems, and experiences regarding travel. Travel marketing Companies should listen to them and participate in conversations. Listening can be classified into 4 types- a brand based, need-based, opportunity based and problem-based.


User-Friendly Instagram

Use of Instagram profile and appropriate hashtags will help you to reach the maximum audience. Post images at the appropriate time, that is, when target segment is active. Here you may participate in conversations with travelers and be active listeners.


The Bottom Line

Thus we can conclude that these above-mentioned social media marketing tips will really help Travel Marketing Companies. You can’t build social media followers overnight. You have to make your site’s fans gradually and consistently. Get help from social media marketing companies and then your company will be more visible online. The best strategy is to start your own blog.

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