The day I first started Crazy Wanderer, I had a dream of doing something. If you now ask me what I planned to accomplish, I would say there was no planning at all. It was just a wish of running a business successfully, overcoming all the obstacles in life. I did not plan to achieve, I planned to work hard and keep on doing the right thing for my startup back then. And here I am on my business anniversary, standing proudly to say. YES I DID IT! No, wait it would be an understatement if I say just a year. Crazy Wanderer may be having a year to celebrate, but not me. I am more like a boat sailing for full 5 years. My entrepreneurship started as a hope and blast of ideas which took me to a number of phases of business and workmanship.

Of course I am not ignoring the fact that the journey was not at all smooth, but I have an uncanny ability to let go of all the hardships and phases of struggles and embrace the happy days. Why? Because my friend, I am optimist and love to feel good to make my organisation, my employee and also myself happy.

I also appreciate all the things that I have learnt and all the things that made me strong and determined and focused to run Crazy Wanderer.

It Was The Same Old Me: A Routine Lady

First, I would like to share that I am a bit crazy when it comes to work and find perfection in whatever I do. So I took the path of working for myself instead of working for an employer. I always knew my aim. I love to see my accomplishments done by my hard work and then pat my back by myself and not anyone telling me to do better each time I face a hurdle and somehow overcome it.

Working for myself means to find a path to give shape to my dreams and thus born Crazy Wanderer. I started a schedule five years back and did not let any distractions coming my way. It was a bit difficult, or frankly it was quite problematic sometimes, but I got used to it over time. I learnt that a business needs a strong hand and mind. And I cannot afford to lose my conscience. I am now like any other routine office goer. I will say nothing changed much than a leadership responsibility, but yes, I love my work and this celebration of completing a year is like a fresh breath of air and nothing much. I know this one year of Crazy Wanderer is the ultimate fruit of my past year’s extensive insight of the real business strategies, methodologies and practical exposures.

That’s the only reason that my work is not a burden; rather a

I Welcome Changes For Me And My Business

Enlightening Realizations 1

Change is inevitable and it cannot be neglected. And for a person like me, change is a way to embrace more ideas, approaches and implement them to improve both personally and professionally. After some months of working with few phases of services, I felt to expand my work field. And I started to venture into the related business sectors. The end result was fabulous. The 5 years before I started Crazy Wanderer were a stunning revelation in my case as those days helped me immensely to sow the seeds of long-term business association and welcome ingenious thoughts.

I Thoroughly Made Myself Skilful

Enlightening Realizations 4

As it is said that a business cannot be run without a proficient leader, it is important to make oneself skilful with the use of online references, courses, taking part in conferences and much more. Of course, it was hard for me to think in investing money for anything extra, but I still worked that out and I am happy to say that all those days of extra learning actually paid off. You cannot put your idea on your business if you lack knowledge. So, I am thankful to all the efforts I put on myself and not just for my business.

I Prepared To Launch My Personal Brand

It is important that your clients know about you. It is after all your years of experience, achievements and skills that will help you to win the heart of the market. The more you will promote yourself; the more people will get interested in your brand. I already had a strong image, but still, I made myself a promise to polish and highlight my own brand with the help of my personal sites, blogs and other forms. I can say that I have done the right thing because my personal brand is the first face of my company.

I Can’t Help Someone Feel Happy

It is my duty to look after my employee, but I cannot make someone feel satisfied or happy professionally. It is very difficult for an entrepreneur to tackle every employee or client as per their emotions or feelings. Business is no place for emotions and I have made myself clear that I cannot mess with my profession for someone’s sentiments. This might feel like very tough. But the fact is business world will ruin you if you are not a tough shell.

Keep Your Mind Calm And Rule With Head

Crazy Wanderer

Now if you are thinking that how can one keep one’s mind calm in a business, let me tell you that YOU HAVE TO, at least for the sake of your and your business’ goodwill. Moreover, if you ignore your weak feelings and work with strong mind nothing can deflect you from your place.

Everything feels very much exactly how I wanted. I take time to look back and see how the stars are shining on Crazy Wanderer. It feels great and at the same time very normal. Years passed and I am still the same Pankti Shah, looking ahead towards the horizon and weaving another dream for this coming new year for me.

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Hey, this is Pankti, a zealous traveler and an enthusiastic entrepreneur who happens to love solo traveling and business is something that always triggers new life into me. Now my passion and interest have led to turn my profession, creating a business of my own- Crazy Wanderer that deals both in travel and lifestyle as well as digital marketing.

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