It is absolutely true that nature has its own way to attract us towards its unmatched beauty. Everything about nature is next to perfect and if it were not for the tranquil water of the Dudhani Lake in Silvassa, I would have never understood it. During my visit to Khanvel I let nothing to stop me from exploring the nearby places. And my exploration took me to the most unbelievable place in Silvassa- Dudhani Lake.

Dudhani Lake 1

Why Dudhani Lake Is Interesting

Exciting watersports

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Dudhani Lake 9

It is the right place for watersports lovers that are built on the Madhuban Dam’s reservoir. It is 20 km away from Silvassa. This place offers lots of activities such as canoeing, passenger’s boats, bumper boats, speedboats and kayaking.

Mesmerizingboat ride

Dudhani Lake 6

It was a perfect moment when I hired one of the shikara looking boats. It costs about Rs. 200 per person and you will enjoy the most awesome view ever. The shikaras are colourful and spacious. The sunset experience inside a shikara is something to cherish forever.

Best Picnic Spot

Dudhani Lake 2

Dudhani Lake 3

The sparkling water and the views of the hillocks far away make this place a picture perfect location for picnic arrangements. If someone wants to witness the amazing sunrise, it is recommended to stay in a nearby hotel or resort.

Great For Trekking

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Dudhani Lake 8

Dudhani Lake is not just all watersports and boat rides. It is a popular spot for trekking through the many winding paths across the forest region near the lake. Here one can meet the tribals and learn about their ways and lifestyle which in my opinion is simply an extraordinary way to spend the leisure time. The fun thing is trekkers can set up their own camps.

Dudhani Lake 7

I must say in that small amount of time that I spent in that wonderful lake, I felt an emotional attachment with it. And I sure hope everyone who visits Silvassa would fall for this place.


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