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The founder and CEO of Crazy Wanderer, Pankti Shah with her undying love for traveling and marketing has been the driving force behind starting a digital marketing firm that targets hotels, restaurants, salons, resorts, boutique villas, airlines, car rental services, travel agencies and travel accessory brands. Her passion for travel encourages her readers and followers and now her passion has turned into a new page of success story behind Crazy Wanderer.
Crazy Wanderer has risen as a strong digital marketing service provider for the hospitality industry focusing on all the relevant areas of this sector. From the beginning of our journey, we planned to dedicate ourselves in travel business considering the passion for travel always drives us. Now we stand as a group of digital marketer who believes in giving wings to your dreams.
Our solutions are tested and proven to bring maximum results that help our clients to gain ideas, traffic, strategies and techniques. And it doesn’t just end there. We work relentlessly contributing to the betterment of a business.

Process Step

  • Step 1

    Project Planning

    We use agile project management tools that allow us (and you) to continuously track progress .

  • Step 2


    Our systems are built so that we can deploy new software updates to your servers effortlessly with no down time.

  • Step 3

    Automated Testing

    We use an automated testing suite to regularly test your application, to minimise the chances of any bugs .

  • Step 4


    We use agile project management tools that allow us (and you) to continuously track progress .

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