Traveling is beautiful! Traveling is exotic! Traveling is mind-blowing! Traveling is exhaustive!

Wait, did I just say exhaustive too?

Yes, I did. Because my friend traveling is not always fun, excitement and adventure. Crazy Wandere Solo Traveler 8

Sometimes you might feel bored, unsatisfied, tired and these are no drawbacks, but you cannot deny these feelings.

Not every second of every single day is going to be an interesting phase in your life. You cannot always expect to get what you want in a new land and especially if you are traveling solo.

So what are the drawbacks that one has to face and the possible solutions to cope with?

Loneliness, Sometimes

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I always love to travel solo except for few family trips that I rarely do. and while you travel solo there are times when feeling of loneliness creeps in. You might be wondering now then why do I do solo traveling? The fact is I love solo traveling and I know that it has few drawbacks that have to be overcome to keep my passion get going.

And it is absolutely a wrong concept to assume that solo traveling means you will feel lonely. But if you do sometimes, it is perfectly okay.

The best way to deal loneliness is by staying connected to your friends and loved ones through online platforms. You can go for a walk in the evening, meet new people and turn strangers into friends.

That Boring Feeling

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Like I said before, not every day is going to be a perfect day. You may not have the exciting or romantic travel experience that you have been looking for even when you are with some partners or family. Unpredictable things may happen in traveling. So what I believe is to have mental preparation and not to become too hopeful from the beginning. Be it bad weather or maybe your body is not encouraging you to explore, it’s completely acceptable if such things happen.

Just remember that not every place you plan to visit will live up to your expectations. Just engage yourself in motivational activities such as listening to music, reading a great novel, try out new street foods or be a part of a cultural show.

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Things May Get Confusing At Times

Have you ever felt completely clueless in a situation? Well, to be honest, this happens with most of the travelers. It happens because a new place tends to dazzle us. It could be the local routes, accommodation or language barrier. At times you feel like banging your head and ask yourself, ‘what to do now?’

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When such situation arises, the best solution is to keep patience and think coolly. Panic will only increase your confused state. It is always advisable to follow Google maps if you happen to stick in a road, ask local people to help you out. But never show that you are vulnerable. Just be confident.

One piece of advice- make sure you research well enough before you jump into a destination. If you are with a professional tour guide, then all problems solved! If you are traveling solo, just be well-informed prior to visit a place.

Exhaustion, The Inescapable

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I mentioned this at the beginning, right? This is the one and only unavoidable situation that is very common. I will be quick regarding exhaustion, friends. Remember two things: Just stop stressing over tiredness and listen to your body, always.

Relax few hours or take a nap. You are going to feel refreshed at the end. The point is to keep your charge up. To unwind yourself you can go for a relaxing body massage or take a dip in the swimming pool of your hotel or resort.

It is up to you how you would tackle your travel and enjoy every moment of it.

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Life is more thrilling through traveling.

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