One of the wonderful things about vegetarian food is the opportunity to explore and enjoy the flavorful cuisine. Born and brought into the streets of Gujarat this girl since her childhood has been an expert in making Dhoklas a Gujarati specialty has recently taken taste in international dishes. From those dishes, she has found the following ten international dishes to be absolutely delicious and interesting. For nonvegetarians, it is difficult to prepare a meal without adding meat to it. But with these hearty vegetarian dishes, you won’t miss the meat in it. Take a culinary adventure and celebrate international dishes and recipes from around the world. Cook everything from French classic to Japanese grilling and enjoy the delicious food with your family members.

1. Four Cheese Pasta (Italian)

A rejoice for those who are cheese lovers as this traditional Italian dish consists of four very amazing grades of cheese i.e parmesan, cheddar, brie, and Emmental. This dish is considered to be one of the best and tasty foreign vegetarian dishes.


2. Vegetable Thai Red Curry (Thai)

This international dish is a very great combination of fresh vegetables and fiery red Thai curry with a pinch coconut milk provides it a creamy and aromatic experience.


3. Black Bean Salsa (Mexican)

This dish is a retreat for every vegetarian as it consists of tons of salsa and the rawness and smokiness of black beans.  


4. Zesty Spinach And Chickpeas (Spanish)

This dish is just not amazing in taste but it is also super healthy. The combo of chickpeas and spinach will literally take out tears of joy from your eyes after eating this dish.


5. Chickpea Ratatouille (French)

This French dish is one of the favorites of almost every French mom and the reason behind this is that it is full of protein and nutrients.


6. Taiyaki (Japanese)

This dish consists of every ingredient a vegetarian loves right from Anko to custard, chocolate, and cheese.


7. Bakwan Jagung (Indonesian)

A heavenly dish and a great treat for people who love to eat spicy foods.


8. Lasagna (Singapore)

It is said that even if you take the aroma of this dish you will start drooling out.The eggplant and red capsicum flavors burst out of this top notch lasagna


9. Khao Suey (Burmese)

You definitely try out these Burmese delicacies which are bursting out with authentic veg flavors of Burma.


10. Doenjang Jjigae (Korean)

This is the national dish of South Korea and surprisingly it is vegetarian. Though the smell of this dish is not  good but the taste is really awesome. 


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