Vadodara is a city well known for its culture and beautiful monuments, but now a days Vadodara has also caught the eyes of a large number of foodies. In the recent few years Vadodara has prominently gained named for its myriad range of foods it caters. So let us have a look on some of the most delicious and mouth-watering foods available in Vadodara.

1. Sev Usal

One of the most loved food of Barodians and their morning is incomplete without eating it. Barodians are really crazy about this food and the major role in that has been played by the tasty and mouth watering sev-usal provided by outlets like Jay Mahakali Sev-usal and Lal kaka nu Sev Usal.


2. Bhajiya  

Bhajiyas or Pakoras have a special place in the heart of Barodians. The love of Barodians for Bhajiyas is unmatchable. This love is due to the bhajiyas provided by some well known Bhajiya makers in Vadodara such as Lala Kaka Na Bhajiya where you will find a very unique range of Bhajiyas.


3. Tam Tam

Tam Tam is a type of farsan and it has been made famous in Vadodara by Shriram Tamtamwala who came with a special Tam tam recipe many years ago. Their unique tamtam recipe and consistent taste is so much loved by the Barodians. The unique fact about Sri Ram tamtam is that ingredients like mango, grapes etc in it 365 days.


4. Puna Misal

Puna Misal is a Maharastrian dish and it is a perfect mixture of spices with sweet and savoury flavours. This dish was firstly introduced to the Barodians by Canara Coffee House which is one of the oldest coffee house in Vadodara. Today also Barodians rush to this cafe house to have the pleasure of the delicious flavors of Puna Misal.


5. Kachori

Another unique street food which you should definitely try in Baroda i.e the Kachori and specially the kachori of Pyarelal Ni Kachori which is well known for providing some very tasty and yummy Kachoris in the city. The uniqueness about their Kachori is that their kachori is big and they make their own masalas and chutneys.


6. Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji has been always been a speciality of Vadodara and the credit for it definitely goes to some very high end makers of pav bhaji such as Jalaram Pav Bhaji Center and Nylon Pav Bhaji. If you are in Baroda then you must definitely try out the pav bhaji here.


7. Ragda Petis

Every night near the lake of  Sur Sagar various food carts line up around the lake and sell various types of delicious foods. But the ragda petis sold by Dayal Petis is one of the most loved food available there. You should definitely at least for once when you are in Vadodara.


8. Kulfi

Vadodara has something special for people with sweet tooth and i.e Kulfi. No other place in Vadodara other than Rajasthan Kulfi House can be the best place for eating Kulfi.


9. Vada Pav

Vada Pav though may be the most loved foods in Mumbai but here in Vadodara people has welcomed this food with open hands. Tasty vada pav center has played a major role in this as they have provided a little twist of their own to this mouth watering food.


10. Sandwich

Sandwiches have always been a specialty of Baroda and Alkapuri area has widely been known for having the best sandwich shops in the town. The area consist of some very well known sandwich shops such as Vishal Sandwich and Bombay Sandwich Center which are one of the favorite destinations of sandwich lovers in Vadodara. Happy Eating !!

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