Your honeymoon is once in a life moment from you. It is your first intimate outing after the marriage knot. Keep it precious keep it priceless. Make fond memories which you will cherish for the rest of your life. Here are twelve beautiful tricks that you can make your honeymoon the most memorable.

Concentrate On Where You Are Going

Concentrate On Where You Are GoingThis is the foremost task. Pick up a place where you both can enjoy and have a great time. You both won’t agree to everything, but try to come to some common ground so that you can have the best time in the world!

Surprises Work Every Time

Surprises Work Every TimeSurprise him with small and big things. Bring him bed breakfast. Surprise him with morning sex! Take him on a surprise date. Pick a restaurant you know which consists of your partner’s favorite dish, get some chocolates delivered to the room or organize a candlelight dinner as a dinner surprise – the little things all matter on a honeymoon.

Blabber Everyone Around You

Remember the episode from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. in which Monica and Chandler go on their honeymoon and sing about it to everyone. This will not only add the comic element but will make a hell lot of memories for you to remember.

Shut Everything Out

It’s only you and him on your honeymoon and no one else. Shut the whole world out. I agree sightseeing is fun but staying in the hotel room for the whole day has its own sight. Just don’t keep your hands off each other for the whole day. Enjoy your intimacy, have sex all day, cuddle up, take the bubble bath together, and so many other intimate options you have.

Say Cheese

Say CheeseTry to capture every moment of your trip. But don’t forget to live those moments while taking the pictures. Take pictures of the places you visit. Some of your intimate pictures just for you to remember the golden gala time.

Dress Up

Flaunt all your beautiful curves with oh so bold dresses just for him on your honeymoon. Buy the most erotic lingerie to leave him amazed in your hotel room. Let him have the sexiest life he ever dreamt about.

Buckle Up For An Adventure Trip

You may not have a bucket list, but a desire to always do something that you never had the courage to do before. Whether it’s bungee jumping or something as simple as getting over your phobias in a head, you along with your partner should at least pick up one adventure that gets your adrenaline going. The feeling of overcoming your fears will make you feel exhilarated.

All Day Out

All Day Out

Even if you are saving up or running out of a budget, one thing that is a must have, is an all-out night together. Pick the fanciest restaurant, dress in all your finery and act like the fanciest couple you know. You will surely feel on top of the world and being together will make your honeymoon much more exciting – not to mention a lot more fun!

Silly Things Are Allowed

It is your honeymoon and it need not be completely traveling or extravagant sex! Try out some really silly things like pillow fighting, painting each other, playing dark room in your hotel room etc.

Just The Love Prevails

You are away from your home, in arms of the one you love, so how about making the best of it? Try things that you can never do at home. Talk about each other’s fantasies and explore them together.

My Time Is Also Important

Though you need not take your hands off each other, it is important that you two give space to each other. Reading a novel in silence or a relaxing bath tub for yourself will do a great deal.

Souvenir Safe

Shopaholic or not, buy a souvenir from each city/ place that you go on your honeymoon. Also, collect all the theater, monument, and concert tickets and create a memory board with a timeline of your honeymoon. You both will cherish these memories for life!

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