In recent years, social media has entered everyone’s daily life and content marketing is considered as a powerful tool to draw a more engaged audience. With new technological advancements, social media advertising companies are expected to have facelift making 2018 more exciting for marketers. In 2018, new content marketing trends are going to unfold with new features.According to Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, in 2017, 60% marketers stated that their content marketing strategies are more effective than 2016. In 2015, 4% marketers reported that content marketing strategy is not at all effective. However, in 2016, 0% marketers stated that content marketing strategy is not effective.

Now, based on technology we are able to anticipate trends and to change audience behavior. This will help you to adjust your new marketing strategy. Here are some content marketing trends that will dominate 2018.


1. Personalized Content


Personalized Content

It is important for marketers to get to their target audience through personalized content. In order to create a personal connection with customers, websites must concentrate on dynamic, interactive, unique content.

Personalization means a collection of more data about customers. Suppose you visit a website and enter your name and email address. The next time, when you will visit the same website, you will be greeted by your name.


2. Super Niche Content


Super Niche Content

In order to thrive in 2018, select and create super niche content. In 2018, we will see the change from smaller niche to super-niche content. First, you identify sub-niches in your industry. For instance, if everybody is creating content on health niche, you identify which section of health is not being served well. Then modify your content list to hold these niches.


3. Natural Language Search


Natural Language Search

Voice search has made a possible screen-less search. 20% of all Google searches on mobiles are voice searches. One study states that 71% younger people use voice search. Rather 39% people aged between 44 and 50 use voice search. This is very clear that we will be speaking to Google Assistant more in 2018.


4. Bite-Sized Content


Bite Sized Content

Is your target audience millennials? Then go for shorter, visually-rich content. Millennials prefer videos to longer content. But older buyers prefer longer content to shorter content. So, concentrate on creating a mix of long and short content. Try to create condensed simpler article and word strength should be according to your need.


5. Influencer Marketing


Influencer Marketing

Influencers like celebrities, social media personalities and bloggers have achieved success what many brands with their marketing campaigns struggling to achieve. Influencer marketing can engage the audience and can develop trust with the customers. The year 2018 will aim at converting loyal customers to influencers, who will highlight your brand through content.


6. Video Marketing


Video Marketing

Video marketing is on the rise in 2018 for marketers. In 2011, digital video consumption was 39 minutes every day. The average time spent per day in 2015 on digital video consumption was 115minutes. Therefore, invest a larger share of your content marketing budget to video marketing.


7. Transparency Between Customers and Brands


Transparency Between Customers And Brands

Social media marketing firm, which discloses the marketing strategies as well as assures their audience that their content is sincere, can win over their audiences. Brands should have transparency with influencers, who provide sponsored content. In fact, customers are getting tired of branded advertising. Social media marketing experts are achieving success by accepting transparency as a marketing strategy.


8. Change In Content Creation Process


Change In Content Creation Process

Content formats including blog posts, infographics, videos etc. are changing day by day. This change in content formats is drawing the attention of different professionals in the workforce. Consumers don’t want to view content on screen now. So, a number of organizations are using technologies like Alexa, Ok Google, Siri to share content with their audiences. Now they don’t need to scroll and stay glued to the screen.


9. Lifecycle Marketing


Lifecycle Marketing

Customer Relationship Management is playing a vital role in achieving a high customer retention number. In order to engage the audience, marketers tend to create a contact strategy through email, personalization, and social media. Lifestyle marketing means assembling variety strategies and tactics into one self-sustaining process. New technologies have made lifestyle marketing easier.


10. Change In Privacy Expectations


Change In Privacy Expectations

2018 is bringing consumer rights and privacy rules. The rate of data collection increases with the increase in connection with the world. Personal data is valuable. In order to protect consumer data and to make them feel safe, EU is going to introduce General Data Protection Regulation in 2018. The social media services company has to incorporate privacy settings.



A lot of blog posts are published daily. Now the time has come to shift your attention from blog posts to videos, super- niche, and personalized content. Marketers should concentrate on bite-sized content to reach their audience. Now it is up to you which of these trends you will select.

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