Goa is popularly known as the Party Capital of India and there is no fact in denying this and the reason behind this is the range of night clubs in Goa this place caters. Now Goa is flooded with nightclubs and among them, some of are really awesome as they consist of a very amazing party vibe.

So for all the party animals here are 6 must visit clubs where you should definitely party out with your friends on your next trip to Goa.

Clubs In Goa

1. Water Beach Lounge And Grill

Are you looking to party out with the rich and famous? So you should definitely try out the Water beach lounge and grill where the famous Sunburn’s after parties are hosted. Who knows you might get move your legs with some celebrities.


2. Club Cubana

Club Cubana which is famously known as ‘The Nightclub in the Sky’. The multi-leveled dance floors which are lit with neon will urge you to party hard and shake your legs.


3. LPK Waterfront

Did you just got fired? Or had a fight with your father? Did you break up with your friend? Or got dumped by your love life? Don’t just head up to this club and take out all the stress which had gathered inside you throughout the day.


4. SinQ

If you want to have more happening vibes then you should definitely stay at the SinQ which is Goa’s first exclusive party hotel which consists of an indoor nightclub.


5. Marbella Beach Resort

The Marbella Beach Resort can prove to be a very great place to party with your friends. It consists of a great lounge area where live performances are held which can let you have a great time with your friends.


6. Silent Noise-The Club

This is India’s original headphones party club and the most popular one in Goa. Here wear a headphone and switch various music channels which mean you get to dance on your loved tunes anytime you want.


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