The beautiful City Palace, Udaipur is a fabulous palace situated in the city of Udaipur, Rajasthan.  This symbol of liveliness was constructed under the reign of Mewar Dynasty over a period of nearly 400 years. The City Palace, Udaipur was built on the top of the hill, executing the beauty of fusion of Rajasthani and Mughal magnificent architectural work. I have visited Pichola Lake with Lake Palace, Jag Mandir, Jagdish Temple, Monsoon Palace and Neemach Mata temple. These are the astounding beauty of Udaipur.   One can reach through local transport and best seen between 9 am to 8 pm in just Rs.150.  The City Palace Udaipur can be reached through local transport which includes unmetered taxis, auto rickshaws, and even city bus services. The main block of City Palace can be seen through the door of Ganesha Deori Terrace. Some of the beautiful parts of City Palace, Udaipur are:

City Palace Udaipur

1. Beautiful Amar Vilas:

Beautiful Amar Vila

Amar Vilas is the prominent place in the uppermost court inside the complex which is an elevated garden in City Palace, Udaipur. Badi Mahal has its entry through this place. It is well-known as the highest point of the City Palace, Udaipur and also garnered with wonderful hanging gardens with fantabulous fountains, towers, and terraces.

2. Sparkling Badi Mahal:

Sparkling Badi Maha

Badi Mahal” is Hindi word which means Great Palace, has another name of Garden Palace.  The Badi Mahal in City Palace, Udaipur is 27 meters high natural rock which has an integrated formation. In this tourist destination, I have seen that the rooms that are on ground floor appear on the fourth level due to the height of its surrounding buildings. Paintings of Vishnu of Jagdish and elephant fight scene are also displayed there.

3. Ravish Durbar Hall:

Ravish Durbar Hall

The Durbar Hall was constructed in the year of 1909 within Fateh Prakash Palace in City Palace, Udaipur. The spacious gallery of the hall was used for the Durbar proceedings during the reign, and that is why the hall has graceful and large chandeliers for enhancing the interior beauty. I have enjoyed the picturesque portraits of Maharajas and their weapons.  Lord Minto, was the originator of this place to visit in Udaipur and Maharana Fateh Singh called it Minto Hall.

4. Fateh Prakash Palace:

Fateh Prakash Palace, City Palace Udaipur

While viewing this in City Palace, Udaipur and the guide told about this luxury hotel in Udaipur, loaded with crystal chairs, dressing tables, tables, table fountains which are very new in their looks.  I have enjoyed the gorgeous jewel studded carpet looks in the City Palace, Udaipur. They have been ordered from F & C Osler & Co of London during the time of Maharana Sajjan Singh.  They told me that the jewels remained unopened for 110 years after his death.

Some other parts of Udaipur City Palace Udaipur are Manak Mahal, Laxmi Vilas Chowk, Mor Chowk, Bhim Vilas, Chini Chitrashala, Choti Chitrashala, Dilkusha Mahal, Rang Bhawan, Sheesh Mahal, Krishna Vilas as well as Museum.

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