Mahabalipuram, being one of my stops during my 15 days trip in South India was more than just a destination. It was welcoming in more than one ways that cannot be described. To make any trip fulfilling it is necessary to stay in a comfortable accommodation. And my visit to Mahabalipuram remains memorable forever due to my staying in an exotic resort, Chariot Beach Resort. The resort promises out-of-the-box living experience. And it is true to its words. So, here I am going to share my memorable days in this premiere resort.

Stunning Location

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Tastefully located at a close proximity from the Bay of Bengal to give you beautiful view of the sun-kissed beach and dull blue water, this resort is named after the five chariots of the Pancha Rathas, a monolithic rock-cut temple. It takes just a few minutes from the resort to the Shore temple and other amazing historical sites.

Serenity Pool of Olympic-size

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No resort is complete without a large cool swimming pool. For people who want to share moments of peace with just oneself or loved ones, they can enjoy a private time or even play water polo. Imagine a cool swim and then basking in the lounge chairs with a glass of mock-tail. Oh! I can already see you are dreaming about it.

Unique Villas

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The best part of the resort that swooned me was the villas. They felt completely luxurious and are designed keeping in mind the rustic feel along with the touch of contemporary interiors. I stayed in the Sea View Cottage that has every modern amenity along with private sit out area. I still remember the time when I used to lay down on the chair holding a glass of my favorite smoothie and cherish the excellent view of the sea. Well, I better snap out of it.

Ride At The Dawn

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You might have enjoyed boat ride many times before, but a ride with few people through the serene water and experiencing the blurry images of the underwater temple that had been submerged in ancient period is precious. Getting up early and see the surrounding in the morning light is something you would never want to miss.

Haven For Relaxation

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From the moment I step into Chariot Resort, I made it a point to get a relaxation massage treatment. My journey took some toll on me and I decided for a sea therapy. Needless to say, my muscles never felt so relaxed and rejuvenating. The resort also provides various wellness treatment packages with the use of exotic herbal oils. I can proudly say that I have indulged in complete bliss.

Say Yes To Adventure

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There is a separate Activity Centre for adventure seekers. This is also the perfect place for team building. From zip lining to rope climbs they have every activity to pump up your wild side.

Suits Everyone

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You may be a solo traveler or going out with your friends, but this resort welcomes everyone from every group of people. This is just the right kind of place for a family vacation and even on honeymoon. Family and kids can enjoy a lot of cool activities during their stay. While if you want a perfect place for your honeymoon nothing can get better than Chariot as they provide great view and facilities to make your romantic journey more passionate.

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There is no end of talking about Chariot Beach Resort. And no words can be enough to describe the luxury, comfort, natural surrounding and the beauty of the location itself. It is all about the experience. So do not think. Next time you visit South India make sure to add Chariot on your list.

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Keep Exploring, Much Love, xx

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