If you are a traveler and had to travel a lot to live your dreams, being away for an extended period of time can cause both mental and physical exhaustion in your relationship life. Moreover, if you are married or are in a serious relationship it can be stressful and can give a negative impact to the others which stay behind. So it is necessary to keep your relationship alive while you are traveling. This article will discuss few things which you can do to meet one another’s emotional needs. It is said that communication is the key to any relationship, but its importance is doubled when distance comes in between. So to keep communication and romance alive, here are few tips:

1. If you are preparing for a trip it is important to address any unresolved conflicts or misunderstanding. If you won’t do that then you have to attend the argumentative phone calls after a hectic day schedule. So in order to avoid this settle all the tensions and say goodbye on a positive note.

2. Your partner should be aware of the exact date of your returning. This way your partner has a specific date to mark on the calendar. Also, discuss a few ideas of romantic date or small trips with them that you both will enjoy upon your return and after the trip share your excitement with them to show how happy you are to be reunited again.


3. Talk to each other regularly. You can text them or you can schedule a Skype call at night.

4. Inform your partner that where you will be staying, your daily schedule and with whom you are traveling with. These details provide a sense of comfort.


5. Don’t forget to express you, love, when you are away. It is quite difficult to express your emotions when you are apart in comparison to expressing it face to face. But still, try to maintain that spark by surprising your partner through different ways.

6. When you are talking to your partner stay fully focused on them. It will make them feel that you really miss them.

7. Make sure some of your calls are loving. Like you can say “I love you” when you hang up. These small things will touch their heart and will maintain the spark in your relationship.


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