When your life needs a time of its own to breathe and to feel free, it is then you need to find a serene place and hide away from some time. Cabo Serai at the Cabo De Rama Fort area in South Goa is one destination that will take your breath away from the moment you will set your foot on.
One of the finest and most luxurious destinations in Goa is the Cabo De Rama. Recently, my visit to this wonderful place has completely blown my mind.
To make my time truly cherish-able in South Goa the most luxurious resort, Cabo Serai has delighted me infinitely. It is a property that is nestled in the lap of greenery where eyes can only find forests, hills, and sea. The surrounding offers panoramic views of cliffs and nature.

Small Note On The Property

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This whole resort is built with a vision to spread the importance of sustainability. This resort’s motto is to keep everything natural, simple and chic. Truly, it is a barefoot luxury resort. It has both cottages and tents for guests to stay. The best part is one can experience the feel of nature and forest around. Besides this resort property is closely located near the popular South Goa beaches named Palolem, Agonda, Cola, Kakolem, and Nuem. One can also easily access the Betul village and the historic Cabo De Rama Fort.

My Cosy Cottage

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The first thing that I noticed is the lush greenery everywhere. My cottage had a beautiful balcony where I spent most of the time of my day. The balcony overlooked the sea and the outside green view. The cottage was spacious with plush bedding, complimentary Wi-Fi, hair dryer, in room safe, housekeeping, laptop work-space, outdoor lounging area, and tea and coffee service.

Outdoor Food Experience

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The unique part of the Cabo Serai resort is that you get to eat absolutely fresh organic vegetables, herbs, and fruits straight from the resort’s organic garden. It also caters grains and sources seafood from local fair-trade suppliers. I was taken aback with the variety and freshness of the local produce that I ate. Since I am a health conscious individual, I really adored their wellness-focused menu.
Apart from that, there are local women cooking in this resort to make sure that authentic cuisine remains the same in terms of taste and quality. The chefs truly know how to surprise the guests with the deliciousness loaded food.

Yoga Retreat

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At Cabo Serai, I planned to relax myself and spend some days in the lap of nature and yoga. And this resort’s yoga spaces and ayurvedic massages drastically improved my mind, body, and soul. Anyone who wishes to feel completely detached from the hustle-bustle of a rushed lifestyle, this resort can offer the blissful environment for them. Yoga teachers can also conduct their yoga session in this resort.

Innovative Recreational Activities

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If you think that this resort has only great food and wellness activities to offer, then you should know there are two most surprising and unique recreational activities. You can explore the nature trails that go from the virgin beaches through dense forests to the hidden caves. I felt thrilled and fantastic while exploring the nature walk that took me close to mother earth. It was also a photographer’s paradise. The best time to walk is the sunset and the sunrise.
Bird lovers can see varieties of bird life near this resort. Around 85 species of birds can be found. If you are a birdwatcher like me, then you would enjoy a pleasant walk around and click some perfect shots.

Honeymooner’s Paradise

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Your honeymoon is supposed to be very special and exciting. The atmosphere that surrounds Cabo Serai offers that charm of romance and privacy that a young couple requires after marriage. And after all, a beachfront cottage is something that can truly take your breath away. Special couple Ayurveda massages and yoga classes are also available in this resort that you can enjoy for a relaxed and offbeat honeymoon.

Exclusive Event Arrangement

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This resort offers its moderate space for arranging small corporate events and parties for nature lovers.
Apart from these, this Eco Resort is just the ideal place for birthday, anniversary, photo shoot and video shoot.

A Place For All

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Whoever wants to spend lovely vacation time in an offbeat destination Cabo Serai is the one place where you should be. From newly married couples to family travelers, this resort will give utmost pleasure.
The memories that I made at Cabo Serai are always going to be new and special in my heart!

For more details, Contact:
Cabo Serai
Cabo de Rama
Goa, India – 403702
Phone Number : +91 7887882414, +91 7499161229
Email:  contact@caboserai.com


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