Contents came to the business world just as an advertising tool but today it is the most important tool that any business can possess. The path to business growth and success is engraved by good contents. A business is pretty much judged by the contents written by it and published by it. In today’s world business is not just buying of products, selling of products and counting profits, yes, the main concept behind business remains the same, but over the years it has seen many trends that have shaped it constantly. Today a business also includes social media publicities, content publishing, and videos and so on and so forth.Content marketing is a pretty old concept in the digital marketing sphere. With the immense growth of digital marketing, content is the king most certainly. A social media management agency makes sure that a business grows properly with the help of content. They also build strategies for propulsion of a business. The social media management agency knows that in this field one size for all is not going to be enough, rather it always has to be customized and tailor made. Duplicity does not count even a bit, what truly matters in this field is originality and things that can attract customers and consumers.


Here’s Why Content Is King?

Content Is King

Social media marketing firms are constantly trying to optimize the search engine for your website and business and contents make it super easy for them. An original and high quality content on any brand’s website blog increases the impact on SEO and search engine ranking also gets better. Social media marketing firms also help you to publish unique contents which are internally linked to other high quality contents. Only thing they are concerned about is the growth of your business. Hence, they try to get the best contents for your site and make sure that your search engine ranking increases. A higher search engine ranking will expose your brand to more customers looking for your product.

A good content encourages engagement whichever form it is in. If content is genuinely good it is bound to give social media advertising companies an easy life. Cyberspace is no less than a black hole anything that is not close to good will shoved through it and it will be lost. Once the content is good these companies will have to push it out through social media for easy sharing. And a good content that does round on almost every social networking site will make sure that users understand the brand message and engage with the brand.


How content writing can generate business for your firm?

How Content Writing Can Generate Business For Your Firm

Content writing generates new sales and leads. Wondering how? The answer is that a good content creates awareness among customers which might lead to generation of new leads and consequently increases sales. Somehow a good content manages to give out an aura of authenticity which makes people trust the brand or the business. Now, a good content does not mean error free content with little facts boasted, but a good content will have factual data true to point and most certainly error free.

A good content adds value to product and business. A good content will not just add value to your product or business, but will also open scope for your customers to learn and grab information. Contents do not just have monetary value or gets direct profit but consequently, in steps does get you profit for your business. Instructional videos, how-to blogs, all can educate consumers and add value to your product.


Wrapping Up

Wrapping Up

Lastly, a good content increases traffic to your website and business. A website packed with good and engaging contents will have low bounce rate and most certainly will increase traffic to your business. Contents are brilliant for deviating traffic. A good content will leave an impression on consumers and probably they will come back for more if they like what they see once.

Now that you know what contents can do for your business and how social media marketing firms work in order to allow your business to grow, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, create amazing contents and let website traffic drive you insane!

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To talk about Instagram trends for this new year we can take a lot of changes into account. From rich content to paid advertising, Instagram has many new features to get the marketing tactics even better.

Highly Dominating Topics For Content:

Highly Dominating Topics For Content

The most interesting topics are undoubtedly fitness, business, travel, lifestyle and fashion. And these will continue to rule 2018. If we talk about food then starting from healthy vegan foods to organic foods will be more in use. People are more focused on home-style food that encourages healthy lifestyle. Fitness is all about yoga, breathing exercises and more aerobics to maintain proper health. With food and fitness, comes lifestyle in view that is immensely popular. It will deal with modern lifestyle. For business, more and more use of tutorials will come. Fashion is going to be a huge hit with all new trends changing each day. The biggest part in case of travel will be travel photography that will create great travel experience and storytelling too. Thus Instagram will be more of personal connection.


Work With Specialised Categories:

Work With Specialised Categories

as days are passing by more number of changes are happening and this change is more evident in social media platforms. Various social media marketing agency are now taking into account these changes in order to better output of results. Instagram profiles will embrace various niche based accounts too in this year. More modifications and changes are on the way.


Layout And Picture:

Layout And Picture

As Instagram means picture expression towards the end of 2018 the image quality will also rise. This is evident because of the growing demands of smartphones with higher resolution and larger display. Along with this the video quality will also improve greatly. Since we know that Instagram stories are very popular now, it is possible that 2018 is going to be the year of stories with better and dramatic video quality. One of the near possible feature to be introduced may be Landscape, Portrait and multiple picture photos. The new layout has that indication so far. Hope it brings some creative ways of expression.


More Shopping:

More Shopping

Heard of shopping on Instagram? Maybe this is definitely going to be the best trend so far. Let’s put our hands together to see this feature work. The platform has already started a journey to make this revolution come true. Few brands are testing this feature. So, if this e-commerce integration comes into scene more audiences will get attracted.


Get Live With Instagram:

Get Live With Instagram

Instagram is more popular than stories. It connects and creates a stronger base between users and audiences. Live gives the feel of reality which makes a great connection. The feel of reality has a great effect on the audience. People now want to stay more connected in real time. So you can engage more audience by going live. The best part is you can add a friend.


No Place For Bots: many third party apps promises to bring you more followers and engagement which are going to run out. Instagram is trying to maintain a spam free platform where no offensive content will be entertained. This goal will continue even more in this year. Instagram is taking strong measures against too many accounts in a short span of time, repetitive comments and many other bot behaviour. People who used to rely on bots or planning to do so might want to take a safe distance from it as Instagram has been penalising such behaviours. This year it will become stricter and more bot user’s account will be removed.


Use Of Gallery Posts:

Use Of Gallery Posts

One of the interesting features of Instagram that is becoming popular is posting galleries. This way you can post several pictures of a relevant event or make different picture creatively. The positive part is that one can utilise this system to attract audience and get more followers. Make sure that you post all the photos under one theme so that people get to know them. Say, you have gone to a trip recently and you have amazing pics of that place. You can create a theme based on your trip and post many photos under that.

Instagram trend is how you make use of this social media platform for your personal use or business purpose. For more information get in touch with social media marketing expert  and find your Instagram resolution for 2018.


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We have a feeling with these two words- Artificial Intelligence. The feeling is more like a scared one mixed with confusion because most of us fail to grasp the actual meaning and activity of an artificial intelligence. In this modern era artificial intelligence is a very advanced form of gift of science that are becoming integral part of social media platforms. Why? Well, let’s see that.


First, think about our smartphones and computers; we can request or command them which is absolutely possible just because of artificial intelligence. Yet we are not afraid of them, are we? It is all in our imaginations due to several Hollywood blockbusters. In other words we are scared out of imaginations and speculations. In reality the advancement of artificial intelligence is the future of super technology meant to deliver accurate and fast results.


Speaking of social media platforms Facebook has been using AI for automatic tagging, news feed, and much more. And many other platforms are also implementing AI nowadays. In order to fetch better results IBM and Google are also making their products and services using AI. So let’s learn about the various importances of AIs that are creating effective solutions in social media channels.


Increase Engagement In Less Time


Increase Engagement In Less Time

If you are a marketer you would definitely understand how stressful it is to look after every aspect of social media activities especially if you have to work for a renowned company or brand with good online exposure and strong social profile. Constant monitoring involves a lot of time which can be otherwise used to form more strategies and innovative ideas for curating interesting pieces of contents for audiences. This task is so hard that it also tends to block our minds and draws away all the creativity for doing something new.

But with the use of AI integration, you can actually stay focused on your creative works rather than wasting time and effort in monitoring. AI is capable in doing multiple tasks accurately and also looks after customer support by providing valuable data and improves performance. In terms of social media AIs can tell you how your posts are performing, things that you need to prioritize for more audience engagement and conversion. So, like it or not AI is really helpful in looking after tasks that you take too long to do.


Rewarding And Influencing Followers


Rewarding And Influencing Followers

There are many ways that you can reward your followers. But to find your pick and then rewarding them is only possible with advanced technology that social media platforms use such as the facial recognition technology of Facebook. This is how a brand can reach to their massive followers and also reward them as a prime role of marketing strategy. In order to reach to a larger number of followers certain digital marketing techniques are quite helpful that social media marketing services provide and that includes the use of AI in relevant platforms.


Create Brand Awareness And Monitor The Market


Create Brand Awareness And Monitor The Market

With the rise of social media importance various SEO strategies has also come into scene that cannot be neglected. Social media marketing agency is the only solution that can fetch exact results that we require in acquiring proper exposure. Once exposure found it is necessary to understand how your brand is performing in the market. The use of Chatbots is very helpful these days as they are capable in handling customer conversations. They are one of the successful tools in digital marketing tactics. On the other hand the use of AI is also very promising as it can let the machines to understand proper sentence construction, process words and frame meaningful sentences.

Thus it is of great help in social media in recognising the pattern of conversations in any platforms. When you do a survey campaign you can easily sift through huge answers to get the idea what your brand value is or what your customers and audiences are thinking. That much hard work can become an obstacle in the productivity of a company. AIs are useful in these types of complex tasks.

It can be concluded that AI plays a vital role in the growing demand of social media. From marketing campaigns to analysis of data AI is becoming the new face of social media marketing tactics.

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LinkedIn is a professional social media platform. It has been bought by Microsoft Corp in 2016 and has shown a number of improvements in 2016. Now, LinkedIn with its new features is a powerhouse in B2B Company. Instead of bringing new changes, LinkedIn has continued to add new tools and features that make possible advanced use of their audience data.LinkedIn may be the essential social media platform for job seekers and human professionals everywhere. To boost recruiting strategy in 2018, ‘Global Recruiting Trends 2018: The 4 Ideas Changing How You Hire’ report has been published by LinkedIn Talent Solutions. This report includes how 4 trends like diversity, artificial intelligence, new interview methods and data are changing the recruiting process today.

Diversity: while 78% of the Social Media Experts are emphasizing diversity-hiring to improve culture, 62% of the companies indicated that they are giving importance to diversity to encourage financial performance. Thus diversity hiring is the most important trend.


Interview Process With New Tools


Interview Process With New Tools: Traditional interviews are ineffective ways to read the candidates because they may weaken the values of useful information. They have been proven as biased. In case of traditional interviews, we are often misguided by charismatic and attractive interviewees. It is quite difficult to assess soft skills only by having a face to face chat.

5 techniques have appeared on the scene to develop the traditional model.

  1. Soft Skill Assessment: This assessment measures curiosity and teamwork. If you apply this assessment to your campus recruiting process, you will get more diverse and more talented candidates.
  2. Job Auditions: Companies design job auditions in which they pay candidates to solve business problems with data.
  3. Casual Interviews: a company can take a candidate’s interview over a meal. Through casual interviews, the company may have a look at the uniqueness of the candidate’s character. Many companies are adopting this concept.
  4. Virtual Reality: Through virtual reality, companies plunge candidates in 3-D environments to check talents of the candidates. For example, Lloyds Banking Group has adopted this aspect. This type of interview reduces bias and can engage talented candidates.
  5. Video Interviews: KPMG has adopted video interviews for its entry-level hires. This type of interview has been proven effective.

Data: Data is the most embraced trend impacting how hiring managers hire. Hiring managers are likely to use data in their work in the next two years. In fact, it is not a new concept. What is new is-

  • The volume of data available
  • The speed of analysis of data
  • The data for predicting hiring outcomes
  • The data to power machines

Social Media Services Company may have a social media strategy as well as a talent intelligence strategy too.


Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is going to take a strong foothold in recruiting process in 2018. For example, LinkedIn Recruiter lets you search candidates automatically and quickly. You may screen these candidates with the help of other technology. Even you need not speak with the candidates. You don’t have to answer the candidates’ questions because chatbots will respond to them. But AI’s role is not pleasing because 14% of hiring managers think that their jobs will be taken away by AI.


In order to stay relevant professionally, you have to adopt these four trends. If Artificial Intelligence replaces you, there is no need to worry because you will then concentrate on building relationships. Try to use new tools of interview processes. Then you will be able to find top talents faster. If you want to make smarter decisions, focus on the data. Not only you, but many companies are trying to explore these trends.

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Social media is said to be one of the next homes for the Generation Z. As they find them a mode of entertainment that they are seeking for a long time. The social media is said to be penetrating I various scopes of the world today and is said to be reaching new highs in the coming years too. The Generations is making news at every day and attracting attention from people towards them. But getting too much into social media can be an issue of distraction from their studies or a bit from their career path.Generation Z is too much on the internet nowadays, whether they are shopping, studying, eating or even sleeping. They are updating, the same is said to have a flip side too. But after analyzing their behaviour in various patterns and platforms it has been found that being born in a digital era, they are not to be fooled easily and think in a manner that is quite straightforward.


How to engage the Generation Z through social media:

Influential Marketing Is The King


Influential marketing is the king:

People do love to watch various YouTube channels nowadays and see the rising stars from downtrodden circumstances for being famous through social media platforms. The influential marketing is said to be played a big role in setting up the things right for the Generation Z. At times watching and following the strings of the social media the Generation Z found them a close feeling and doesn’t lose any strings in getting close to them. This is how the influential marketing works it directly impacts the like-minded human beings and also leaves imprints and the quest for following back.


Mobile is their buddy:

Mobile Is Their Buddy

The Generation Z spends more than 80 percent of their media time on mobile itself. They just love to browse the websites, applications, getting good schemes, follow the like-minded people and keep on checking and updating their status. If any brand is looking forward to target generation Z then he needs to build a platform that is mobile friendly for them. The websites and application both of them should be mobile friendly and their presence on social media can give popularity overnight among the generation Z.


Fearless Generation Z:

Fearless Generation Z

Gone are the days when for updating a status people use to take hours and also seek advice from others. Being comprised of 25% of US population they are fearless of the various choices they make for their life. They look forward to adopting the trendiness in their veins and do not make any choice in rush rather look for smart alternative every time.


Customization and Personalization:

Customization And Personalization

The Generation Z doesn’t look forward to believing in the traditional attributes rather they want to customize and personalize everything as per their requirement. If talking about the social media platforms like Instagram the same also works on image recognition, once the person clicks on an image the rest results gives them the results in relation to the same only. Moreover, if we talk about the Facebook then you will find the same giving the results to them according to their likings only.

Being born in a digital arena the Generation Z is too smart to choose their things. Whether they are buying the gadget, or seeking a career, or looking for a place for the date, they look for the social media only. The Generation Z is way too smarter than millennials and has recognized the power of updating themselves with the time.

People who are in their early 20s you will find them on YouTube, making their videos uploading them getting likes, opening their own start-ups. They are fearless, isn’t it and loves to spend their time on social media like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter etc. They know how to make their voice heard and do look for substance for getting influenced anytime.

So, once brands look for influencing the Generation Z, then do look forward to bringing and serve something with uniqueness today as they are one of the stubborn people to go for. But yes, the exclusivity is their thing. So, bring innovation and creativity to the table and engage the same with social media to attract and for feedback from Generation Z.

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