Staying in a calm and quiet environment for a couple of days really works as the best medicine to make your stress go away. And this has happened with me too.
My recent visit to The Arowana Villa, Igatpuri made my life refreshed and wrapped with positive vibes. It was a holiday time for me with ultimate nature’s beauty around and not everyday rushed life.

Crazywanderer Arowana Igatpuri Villa 11Located just at a quaint village named Vaviharsha Gaon Goti in the state of Maharashtra, this cozy, spacious villa has everything to offer you from luxury to homely feelings. This place is well connected to the major cities of Maharashtra.

Rustic architecture and atmospheric accommodation

Crazywanderer Arowana Igatpuri Villa 4One of the first things that caught my attention when I set my feet on this villa is the beautiful cottage-style architecture with wood. The entire villa has 5 bedrooms with 5 bathrooms attached. All the rooms have beautiful views. The ambiance of each room is just like your home. You will get the same comfort and goodness.

Crazywanderer Arowana Igatpuri Villa 17The ground floor has 2 bedrooms with a kitchen and a dining area for the guests. On the top floor there are 3 bedrooms with a living area. From cleanliness to decor, everything is perfect and designed to make you feel relaxed.

Flavors that stay forever

Crazywanderer Arowana Igatpuri Villa 10The well-equipped kitchen of this villa comes with a chef. This means you can practically ask to make you everything that you like. And the best part is the food is straight from the kitchen- fresh and tasty. I must say that I had wonderful Indian cuisines in the villa.
Especially, eating out in the open area and by the swimming pool make a lot of differences. You get out of your boredom, socialize and feel the nature around you while you have your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Serenity pool

Crazywanderer Arowana Igatpuri Villa 16What a vacation without a pool time, right? It always feels so great when you dive right into a swimming pool and let your stress vanish.
The swimming pool of this villa is clean, with the right temperature and large enough for enjoying cool and fun times.

Enjoy open BBQ

Crazywanderer Arowana Igatpuri Villa 2Guests who are looking for a barbeque time with friends or family will not get disappointed. All you have to do is let the villa staff know about your plan. Outdoor BBQ is arranged on demand to make a gathering lively and interesting.

Try your hand in chess

Crazywanderer Arowana Igatpuri Villa 6One of the best and most interesting board games is chess. Any guests may enjoy a couple of hours and polish their skills or just spend some quality time in the quietude.

Astonishingly beautiful views

Crazywanderer Arowana Igatpuri Villa 13

Crazywanderer Arowana Igatpuri Villa 5

If you want to soothe your eyes, you must come to The Arowana Villa, Igatpuri. This place is simply like a canvas of an artist’s imagination. Wherever you look, you will only see breathtaking views that will have a positive impact on your body, mind, and soul.

Indulge in what you love

Crazywanderer Arowana Igatpuri Villa 7Crazywanderer Arowana Igatpuri Villa 15In today’s life, it is really hard to find time for ourselves. But at this villa, you can let go of all your stress and worries even if it is for a few days.
Fancy you and your newly married spouse at this wonderful villa on your honeymoon where there is utmost privacy, silence, and tranquil atmosphere. If you are a book lover you can carry some of the best books with you and spend time alone. This place is also a writer’s paradise as the peace and the location is just right to let your writing skills shine.

Traveler’s zone

Crazywanderer Arowana Igatpuri Villa 18Crazywanderer Arowana Igatpuri Villa 9Anyone who wishes to stay out of city madness and bring back peace in their life The Arowana Villa, Igatpuri is the fabulous option. From groups to family or couples and even solo, it is the one place for all.
The Arowana Villa, Igatpuri is one of those places that will make you fall for it.
For more details, please contact below.
The Arowana Igatpuri Villa
Vaviharsha gaon
Goti – Trimbakeshwar road
Maharashtra – 422402
+91-9820 382 083, +91-8686 561 313


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