The term ‘bleisure’ appropriately is the combination of business and leisure. Not sure what that is, right? Well, for whoever travels a lot for business purpose has to visit a lot of places across the world. So one practically gets a time to see a new place, but probably not explore it. Because you are on a tight business schedule.

What if we say this scenario could be changed?

Yes, it can, with the help of bleisure plans. You can actually make use of the extra time you get between your business conferences and meetings, engaging yourself in leisure activities.

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What Is Bleisure Exactly?

Bleisure has become a buzzword for business travelers around the world. People who are trying to balance their corporate life and free time are always looking for bleisure travel. These are convenient travels that make it possible for business professionals to experience the trip more than just a business time. The best part is business trips are money savers as you can travel on the expense of your employer and at the same time can have a little vacation of your own without spending extra.

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What To Know Before You Plan Bleisure Travel

  • Find out the extra time that you can spare out of your business routine. This way you can get an opportunity to book fun activities or visit a place of interest near you. Most of the time hotels organise customized activities for bleisure travelers that help one to explore the local places. There are certain hotels and resorts that have exclusive packages for bleisure travelers.
  • Plan one extra day for your leisure activities. Your business trip does not have to be a rule of fixed schedule and you can make use of a full day just for your personal time. This is better at the end of the trip. You can extend your trip for a day, considering you did all you were meant to for your company. Shedding off the workload will help you to roam about and enjoy breathing freely. You can get to know local culture, lifestyle, dining and shopping too.
  • You can make use of some hours before you head for another strict day by indulging yourself in a spa or a relaxing cafe time. Some might feel to take up a class on local languages. For instance, if your trip is in Spain, learning the language might help you when you visit next time.

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Basic Tips For Bleisure Travel

First, look for the savings you did on your business travel that can be further used for your extended vacation time. Next extend the flight and hotel accommodation with discount deals. Plan your bleisure a little early so that you do not run the risk of making mess of your business schedule. To invite friends you can go for executive hotel rooms. Plus gym centre, spa and swimming pools are the added benefits for a business travel that can be used to feel relaxed.

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