2017 is marked as the year of influencer marketing. Businesses opted for influencers to sell their products and services to the target audiences. No doubt, influencer marketing will be a driving force for businesses, who want to improve sales and grow audience through social media in 2018.A number of businesses are launching influencer campaigns as their marketing strategy. Now, the question is how to get the most out of influencer marketing in 2018? Here we will learn about the biggest influencer marketing trends that will dominate 2018.


Transparency Of Partnership Between Brands And Influencers

Transparency Of Partnership Between Brands And Influencers

It is one of the biggest influencer marketing trends in 2018. In early days, most of the brands were not as transparent as they should have been with influencers about working. A lot of influencers didn’t disclose that they were being paid for promoting products through social media posts. However, FTC in 2017 clarified guidelines for influencer marketing. Influencers now have to disclose that they are being paid for promoting brands. Otherwise, they have to face legal troubles.

If you want your influencer marketing campaigns on the rise, you should follow some steps.

  • Disclose your partnership with influencer in every paid content
  • Check whether influencers are disclosing your partnership in every paid post
  • According to FTC guidelines, influencers may disclose partnerships by using something like YPartner where Y is your brand’s name.

It is nothing but the transparency of partnership, which will influence the market in 2018. If you need your brand to shine online get suitable influencer marketing strategy opted by various internet marketing company.


Associate Influencer Marketing With Every Social Media Platform

Associate Influencer Marketing With Every Social Media Platform

It is true that Instagram was the no. 1 platform for most of the influencers in 2017. However, don’t ignore Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Youtube because influencers are also active on these platforms.

  • 95% influencers are active on Instagram
  • 72% influencers promoting brands on Facebook
  • Snapchat is in 3rd position with 47% influencers
  • Percentage of influencers on Twitter is 43.

In 2018, brands should consider all platforms to work with influencers.


Use Influencer Marketing Tools

Use Influencer Marketing Tools

With the growing popularity of influencer marketing, brands face two challenges- 1stly, Finding influencers, and 2ndly, managing the partnership.

To find influencers follow the process:

  1. Browse through Instagram for influencers
  2. Send email to them or ping them
  3. Negotiate the terms of partnership with influencers
  4. Send payment to them
  5. Wait for them to disclose partnership through post

Influencer marketing tools, for example, Tapinfluence and Upfluence will make your findings for influencers easier. In 2018, use influencer marketing tools to manage workflows for your campaigns.


Give Emphasis On Content Marketing

Give Emphasis On Content Marketing

Honestly speaking, people think that adds are not genuine and they are boring. So, give emphasis on content marketing, which is entertaining and useful. In 2018, every brand should be more creative about their working with influencers. Try to create original content and videos, which will help you to sell your products. While working with influencers, don’t forget to create entertaining, original content, which helps to invoke emotion from your audience.



It is true that influencer marketing really works well. But there is some risk whether investment on influencers really brings in waves of sales. Follow FTC guidelines and different influencer marketing tools to find influencers and manage the partnership. No doubt above mentioned influencer marketing trends will dominate 2018.

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