Nothing can be compared with the simple pleasure that everyone gets when they use to ride their cycles. In childhood everyone wishes to explore the world with their friends on their cycle. So, it’s time to make that wish come true. In India there are many cycling routes which make your journey amazing and adventurous. Here are best places to do cycling in India:


1. East Coast Road- Chennai to Pondicherry: This road covers some of the most beautiful places in Tamil Nadu and is one of the easiest cycling routes. It is renowned for its seaside sights so throughout the journey, one will see sparkling water, swaying palms and white sand. The path stretches from Chennai to Pondicherry.

2. Mumbai to Daman: Daman does not get that attention which it deserves. Daman has everything which makes a perfect vacation like beaches, forts, casinos and cheap liquor.


3. Mangalore to Goa: It is one of the most relax and lay back cycling tour. The scenic beauty on this stretch is attributed to the Maravanthe beach on one side and suparnika river on the other side.

4. Gangtok to Darjeeling: Beautiful landscape and cloudy sky is what the cyclist describe, when he is asked about the tour. The place is dotted with monasteries, tea estate and also gives a spectacular view of the Himalayas. The cycling expedition will start from the colonial hill station, Darjeeling and the trail will further lead to Sikkim.


5. Shillong to Cherrapunji: This is one of the least explored place but it is a pristine cycling route. Shillong is sprinkled with gushing cascades, snow-capped mountains, hidden hamlets, floating lakes and peaceful monasteries. Cycling expedition will start from Shillong and will pass through the beautiful villages like Mawphlang, Mawsynram & Cherrapunjee.

6. Kalimpong to Zuluk: This route is meant for brave hearted people. The roads here are more challenging as compared to other routes. The scenic view will amaze you and will make it worth to give this route a challenging try. Cyclists will travel along the snow covered hills and will pass through the narrow roads and hairpin turns.


7. Manali to Leh: The roads of Manali are heaven for the adventures. The cyclist will see an unforgettable view of the snow capped mountains and you can also witness some of the best Buddhist monasteries in the world.


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