Diwali which is also known as the “Festival Of Lights” will knock to your doors in a very few days. So like every time you will be definitely wondering about what to do this Diwali and in what ways you can make it memorable. Checkout top destinations and how they celebrate Diwali so that you can get some ideas about making your Diwali memorable.

1. Jaipur: Admire The Sparkling Market

During Diwali the market of Jaipur gets illuminated by the glow of lamps and lights which makes it a soothing and fun experience for the people who come to do shopping in the market. Every year a competition for the best decorated and brilliantly lit market is kept which can prove to be a feast for the visitors.


2. Goa: Watch The Demon Narakasura Get Burned

In Goa Diwali is celebrated in the most unique way, on this day they celebrate the defeat of Narakasura by Lord Krishna. A competition is held to see who can make the largest and the scariest effigy of the demon and then they are burned at the dawn of Narakasura Chaturdashi. Some really big effigies are made on this day.


3. Varanasi: See Fireworks Over The Ganges River

Varanasi goes really crazy at this time of the year, as the fireworks going off all night long creates a great view especially over the Ganges.


4.  Kolkata: Attend The Kali Puja

At the time of Diwali, most of the people in India worship goddess Lakshmi, but in West Bengal people conduct the Kali Puja. The magnificently decorated idols are a great treat to watch on the streets of Kolkata on this day.


5. Amritsar: Celebrate A Sacred And Golden Diwali Here

You may be shocked to know that Amritsar celebrates Diwali in a very unique and even more grander way compared to other places in India. The day is very special from them as on this day their 6th Sikh guru and the founding stone for Golden Temple was laid on Diwali. A mesmerizing display of fireworks over the Golden Temple is carried out along with enlightenment of the edge of the lake with lamps and candles.


6. Mumbai: Hunt For Bargains

During the Diwali people majorly tend to buy gold jewelry and no place better than Mumbai can be to get the best bargains on them. Mumbai’s Zaveri Bazar is highly flooded with people at this time.


7. Odisha- Celebrate Kauri Kathi

Odisha is considered to be one of India’s most culturally diversified state and here Diwali is celebrated in a very unique way. People here enlighten the jute sticks in order to invite their ancestors who are considered to descend from heaven on Diwali.


Happy Diwali !!

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