Swadeshi Dhaba is a Punjabi restaurant in Vadodara which is certainly a unique and pioneering concept. This Vadodara-based restaurant is found by food experts Mitul Mandani and Laukesh Tripathi. The opening branches have flourished, with a larger plan for  Vadodara expansion on the cards.

Swadeshi Dhabha

More than just authentic food, the server behind the counter has a better knowledge about the dish it was very helpful and explains perfectly the difference between the Dal Makhani and the Parathas. I ordered the Dal Fry and Jeera Rice, which came with Dal and fragrant rice.  

Swadeshi Dhaba Food

It has to be mentioned, Swadeshi Dhaba was a pleasant surprise. The restaurant was small even though they have managed to cover each place with all ways of interactive ways from food to counters and dining tables with hot pots and shelf cooking equipment hanging above each table.

Dal Makhani

The service was fantastic, they were very friendly and had a good knowledge of the menus.

Chole Kulcha

Their Top delicious and must try combos are;

  • Dal Makhani
  • Chole Kulche
  • Parathas
  • Dal Fry and Jeera Rice
  • Rajma With Rice

I personally loved the Rajma with rice and of course the parathas, were soft and lip smacking.

Swadeshi Dhaba Menu

Swadeshi Dhaba Menu Card

Swadeshi Dhaba is one of the best Punjabi restaurants with good food representation hearty and humble. It’s a unique, adventurous eatery who doesn’t fancy the heights of the playground next door to get their kicks.

To know more you can also visit their Facebook page at Swadeshi Dhaba.

Vadodara, Gujarat, India  -390007

Tel: 099986 36898

Cuisine: Punjabi

Timings:  11 AM To 3 PM  &  7 PM To 11 PM

 Credit Card/Debit Card Accepted: Yes


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