Birthdays are fun days as they say. Well, I say they are more like a new beginning, a new page of your life unfolding, reminding you that another year with new hopes and dreams are in your way. So what comes with birthdays? Obviously, every individual has a special way to celebrate wherein few things are common- cakes, candles, flowers, gifts, wishes, blessings, and love. It feels awesome when you see your friends and family members wishing you on your birthday or bestowing their blessings. You feel happy.

But have you ever thought of something different? Like ditching the question of celebrating the birthday as it supposed to be and instead find some exciting way to cherish the day?

The answer is No, right?

The thing is we all are somehow confined to a system that is hard to let go. Even some years ago, I was like you. But not anymore. Not since I have come to realize that birthdays can be a way of self-discovering and live the life fully. So I ditched the idea of loving gifts and cakes. Instead, I embraced gifting myself a ‘vacation time’. And here I am feeling blessed that I made that decision.

Getting out of boredom is the first thing that I did. So I planned my birthday vacation to Bhutan– The Land of the Thunder Dragons.

Pleasure Of Meeting New Faces

Be A Little Different On Your Bday 1

Bhutan, being the happiest of all the Asian countries welcomed me to their abode with warmth, love, and hugs. I felt like I am among my own people. People in Bhutan are not just sweet; they are helpful and love their guests from the heart. Meeting new people and getting to know them positively influenced my knowledge, ideas, and thoughts.

Out-of-the-Box Cuisine Instead Of Cakes

Be A Little Different On Your Bday 4

Be A Little Different On Your Bday 6

Never imagined, I would be eating a bowl full of an authentic curry made out of red chilies. Yes, that’s correct! Chilies. Bhutan flavors are a bit spicy and they love chilies, a lot and their locally made cheese. For the first time, I realized how diverse this world is. Instead of a strawberry or chocolate flavored cake, I tasted a deliciously hot dish and I am grateful that I did.

Luxury Retreat To Pamper Myself

Be A Little Different On Your Bday 8

Be A Little Different On Your Bday 7

How many times do you get to relax in a beautiful place where no one disturbs you? I lived in some of the exotic resorts and hotels in Bhutan that not only pampered my days in Bhutan, but also made me realize that luxury living is not an extravagance choice. It is actually a way to love yourself and get yourself all the attention you do not give otherwise.

Self-indulgence Is Healthy Sometimes

Be A Little Different On Your Bday 10

Be A Little Different On Your Bday 9

Le Meridien Thimpu 8

Usually on my birthdays earlier, I used to plan regarding what foods to arrange, where to organize the party, which dress to wear. And in these questions, I used to lose the feeling that I need alone time to take care of myself. In Bhutan, I finally did take care of myself. How? A spa of course! Nothing can be more rejuvenating than a spa massage.

Nature, My Friend

Be A Little Different On Your Bday 2

Be A Little Different On Your Bday 3

When I look at the trees stretching upwards at the sky, the snow-fed streams from the mountains, the sweet birds flying away- I feel my soul somehow connected to nature’s bliss. Bhutan gave me an opportunity to explore the beauty that nature holds. I might not be celebrating my birthday like one should have. But I gave myself the extraordinary pleasure of getting close to nature.

Be A Little Different On Your Bday 11

Material pleasures are always there and always will be. No one asks you to say goodbye to it. What matters is you get to celebrate your birthday the way you feel like. And not that you have to do it the usual way. Do it the unusual and adventurous way!

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